Blockchain technology significant for high-quality economic growth

Tracy Li
Distributed ledger technology,  or "blockchain," is for promoting high-quality economic development, guests told the WAIC on Friday. 
Tracy Li

Distributed ledger technology, more commonly called “blockchain,” is of great significance for promoting high-quality economic development, guests told the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) on Friday.

It will play an important role in accelerating the construction of new information technology, said Wang Jianwei, deputy director of the Information Technology Division at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in a speech delivered to the event.

Wang said that the ministry has attached great importance to the development of blockchain technology and will make efforts to speed up its applications in China.

Next, they will further track and analyze frontier technologies in the area, strengthen the research and development of core technologies in blockchain and continuously improve innovative capabilities.

He hopes to build a platform through this forum, pool resources, promote the cooperation of all parties involved and accelerate the healthy development of blockchain technology industry.

Shanghai Blockchain Advisory Expert Committee was unveiled at the event, aiming to gather authoritative experts and scholars to provide insight on top-level planning, talent training, industrial aggregation, innovation and application for blockchain technology.

Pursuing to promote the breakthrough of blockchain in application scenarios and business models, the forum also builds a collaborative platform for industry players. Ant Group and Yunnan International Trust Co Ltd, for instance, entered into an agreement to carry out more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the area.

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