Guizhou seeks Yangtze delta region investment for 600 projects

Hu Min
Of the 600 projects promoted by Guizhou Province in seeking investment from the Yangtze River Delta region, agreements on 46 projects were signed in Shanghai on Thursday.
Hu Min
Guizhou seeks Yangtze delta region investment for 600 projects
Ti Gong

Agreements on a total of 46 projects in southwest China's Guizhou Province were signed in Shanghai on Thursday.

Seeking closer cooperation with the Yangtze River Delta region, Guizhou Province held an investment promotion event in Shanghai on Thursday by promoting a total of 600 projects worth more than 390 billion yuan (US$54.8 billion).

The projects cover sectors such as tourism, modern agriculture and new urbanization, and involve industries in which the southwest China province enjoys traditional advantage, including new-energy vehicles, liquor, traditional Chinese medicine materials, culture and tourism, big data electronic information, aerospace and equipment manufacturing, and modern logistics.

Agreements on 46 projects worth 46.6 million yuan were signed in Shanghai on Thursday, involving a recyclable material industrial park and a beverage production base as well as culture and tourism, new-energy car and battery material fields, among others.

Guizhou seeks Yangtze delta region investment for 600 projects

Guizhou sought investment for 600 projects.

Thursday's event aimed to lure investment from the delta region to Guizhou and deepen cooperation.

Guizhou has stepped up cooperation with the delta region this year in industry, agricultural products and modern service sectors, and a number of industrial projects from the region have landed in the province as a result.

Since 2021, the province has conducted cooperation on over 2,000 projects from the region, according to the provincial government.

Luring business investment is the top priority of the province, which is creating a sound business environment to attract companies from home and abroad to establish business and make investment, this year, the provincial government said in Shanghai.

Speaking on the occasion, Jin Hui, CEO of Huazhu Group, a domestic hospitality firm, noted that Guizhou is developing a world-class tourist destination and the group will step up the layout of outlets in China's southwestern region, particularly in Guizhou.

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