2023 China Cybersecurity Week focuses on logistics industry

Hu Min
Qingpu District hosted the 2023 China Cybersecurity Week, focusing on logistics and related fields, delving into the digital challenges and threats effecting the industry.
Hu Min

A number of activities are being rolled out in Qingpu District to mark the 2023 China Cybersecurity Week between Monday and Sunday, with the latest focus on tackling new challenges of cyber security confronting the logistics industry.

To guarantee cyber security in logistics, a forum was held on Tuesday with discussions held on measures over the protection of personal information and data security and regulations.

2023 China Cybersecurity Week focuses on logistics industry
Ti Gong

A roundtable discussion

"The delivery logistics industry is still confronted with big cyber security challenges at present, and it's important to raise awareness and ramp up efforts over protection," said Ma Chen, senior manager of the information security department of ZTO Express.

The second batch of experts for the cyber data security think tank of the district was released during the forum, and those topping out in a cyber security skill competition in the Yangtze River Delta Region were honored.

Qingpu is known for the rapid development of its express delivery industry, gathering the headquarters of nine leading express delivery companies and about 200 express delivery operation businesses.

Last year, the district's express delivery industry revenue hit 156.8 billion yuan (US$21.5 billion), accounting for 85 percent of the city's total, up 13.9 percent from a year earlier.

In the first half of the year, the figure hit 78.4 billion yuan, accounting for 84 percent of the city's total and 14 percent of the nation's total.

The district is also seeking vlogs on cyber security from the public, and an animation on cyber security on hot topics such as the excessive collection of personal information of apps has been released.

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