With diverse themes, the 6th CIIE to shape the future of global trade

Huang Yixuan
With a record-breaking scale, diverse themes and powerful forums, the 6th CIIE will impact global trade with more opening and international collaboration.
Huang Yixuan
With diverse themes, the 6th CIIE to shape the future of global trade

Welcome to the 6th China International Import Expo!

The 6th China International Import Expo starts on Sunday, underscoring China's unwavering commitment to fostering international trade and high-level opening-up.

The event, running from November 5 to 10, is a testament to China's role as a key player in the global economic landscape and its dedication to building a new development pattern.

Chinese Premier Li Qiang will attend the opening ceremony and the Hongqiao International Economic Forum on Sunday and deliver a keynote speech.

Inaugurated in 2018, the CIIE has since evolved into an international showcase of China's pursuit of a new development pattern, high-level opening-up, and sharing of its huge market and opportunities with the world.

This year, the CIIE presents several key highlights that set it apart from previous editions.

With diverse themes, the 6th CIIE to shape the future of global trade

The 6th CIIE is officially open on Sunday.

Expanding global outreach

The CIIE continues to expand its circle of friends, with representatives from 154 countries, regions, and international organizations participating this year.

Over 3,400 exhibitors and 394,000 professional visitors have registered, marking a full recovery to pre-pandemic levels. Notably, over a hundred executives from Fortune Global 500 companies and industry leaders have confirmed their participation, setting a new record in terms of scale.

National Pavilions show the way

The national pavilions at this year's CIIE offer a tangible representation of the global community's willingness to engage in open cooperation.

Sixty-nine countries and three international organizations are taking part in the Country Exhibition, among which 11 countries are making their debuts at the event, while 34 countries are participating offline for the first time. Honduras, Kazakhstan, Serbia, South Africa and Vietnam are serving as guest countries.

The Chinese pavilion, taking up 2,500 square meters of space, is the largest in CIIE history. It focuses on China's achievements in modernization and showcases the latest attainments in promoting high-level opening-up and high-quality development.

Enhanced business exhibition

The CIIE's Business Exhibition has seen substantial improvements in quality and effectiveness.

With 367,000 square meters of area, it is hosting 289 Fortune Global 500 companies and industry leaders, surpassing previous editions.

Fifteen global automotive brands, the top 10 industrial electrical companies, the top 10 medical device companies, the three mining giants, the four major grain traders, and the five leading shipping companies have all confirmed their participation.

There has been a 30 percent increase in exhibition areas of special zones for cutting-edge technologies such as low-carbon energy and artificial intelligence, as well as areas dedicated to lifestyle and consumer-oriented exhibitions.

More than 400 new products, technologies, and services will be showcased, while precise matchmaking and multiple measures are promised to promote transactions.

Prominent Hongqiao Forum

A significant part of the expo, the Hongqiao International Economic Forum is themed "Joining Hands in Development, Opening Up for the Future" this year and will focus on fostering multilateralism and global openness.

With 22 thematic subforums covering hot topics like green development, the digital economy, and intelligent technology, the forum will bring together over 300 distinguished speakers to engage in high-level dialogues.

Professional support and cultural exchange

The CIIE will host a wide range of professional supporting activities, comprising policy interpretation, trade matchmaking, investment promotion and research releases.

The number of participating countries, provinces, and exhibition booths in cultural exchange activities has also reached a new high.
This year's CIIE will see the collaboration of domestic and foreign cultural groups, presenting nearly 100 exhibitions and performances that promote the integration of economy, trade, and culture.

With diverse themes, the 6th CIIE to shape the future of global trade
Dong Jun / SHINE

Fifteen global automotive brands are exhibited at CIIE.

Three major roles of CIIE

Sheng Qiuping, Vice Minister of Commerce, emphasized that the CIIE plays three major roles, aligning with President Xi Jinping's vision: as a showcase of China's new development paradigm, a platform for high-standard opening-up, and as a public good for the whole world.
As "a showcase of China's new development paradigm," the CIIE facilitates the circulation of domestic resources by actively introducing advanced technologies, equipment, and consumer products, contributing to the upgrading of industries and enriching the supply of domestic goods.

Moreover, it bridges the gap between domestic and international circulation, fostering connections between markets.

As "a platform for high-standard opening-up," it consistently promotes openness by showcasing major opening-up measures and demonstrating China's determination to build an open world economy. This year's expo continues to unleash the dividend of openness, providing foreign companies access to the vast potential of the Chinese market.

As "a public good for the whole world," the expo actively promotes mutual benefit and win-win outcomes among countries, fostering inclusive growth in the global economy. The CIIE supports the participation of enterprises from less developed countries by providing free exhibition booths and assistance.

With a record-breaking scale, diverse themes, and influential forums, the 6th CIIE is poised to shape the future of global trade with further opening up and international collaboration.

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