CIIE Shanghai Pavilion fosters investment with innovative products

Huang Yixuan
The Shanghai Pavilion at the 6th China International Import Expo looks to overseas products, turning exhibitors into investors, while pushing local brands to global platforms.
Huang Yixuan

The Shanghai Pavilion at the 6th China International Import Expo will highlight the spillover effect of the expo.

The Shanghai Pavilion will continue to be located at the central square of the National Exhibition and Convention Center in suburban Qingpu District, gathering dozens of local well-known brands, including time-honored "Laozihao" brands and fashionable new trademarks, as well as showing some overseas quality products and their stories with CIIE.

The pavilion mirrors President Xi Jinping's vision for the CIIE, turning exhibits into products and exhibitors into investors, solidifying its role as key platforms for international procurement, investment promotion, cultural exchange, and open cooperation.

With a vibrant exterior symbolizing Shanghai's innovation and inclusivity, the pavilion set seven thematic exhibition areas, respectively on international procurement, turning exhibits into products, transforming exhibitors into investors, Belt and Road premiums, local brands going global, brand collaborations for international expansion, and innovation in Laozihao brands.

The area for international procurement, for example, spotlights international procurement success stories, exemplified by Bright Food Group's global supply chain achievements. International delicacies, such as premium olive oil and fine French wines, now easily reach Chinese consumers.

On turning exhibits into products, it showcasing trade connections, enabling Chinese consumers to access products like Serbian black truffle slices, Peruvian alpaca wool dolls, and Czech crystal products.

The pavilion also highlights enterprises that found success investing in China through the CIIE platform, like LEGO and Abbott, showcasing how the event opens doors for global investors.

As the CIIE celebrates a decade of the Belt and Road Initiative, the pavilion also tells stories of rich cultural exchanges, local Shanghai brands venturing into international markets, and the fusion of traditional brands with innovative collaborations.

Many local brands in Shanghai have not only established deep roots locally but have also ambitiously ventured into global markets, earning recognition for "Chinese quality" and "Made in China" on a global scale. For instance, Shanghai Bee & Flower's products is now exported to over 50 countries and regions, while Maxam brand's products have been the top exporter among domestic toothpaste brands for several consecutive years.

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