Dong Jun


Autumn's here and there's a nip in the air

Though the king and queen were lighter than those crowned last year, the national output of hairy crabs is expected to be over 800,000 tons this year. 

Vulnerable groups should stay inside as 'light smog' blankets Shanghai

Shanghai was shrouded in smog Wednesday, according to the environmental monitoring center.

Shanghai: a city in flux

Shine photographer Dong Jun captured the beauty of our city in the past National Day holiday. 

AI outlook from business leaders

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference invited top executives from global tech companies to show how AI boosts economy and changes people's life.

WAIC exhibitions open to the public

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference ended yesterday after holding one main forum, 33 themed forums, five brain-storming discussions and 22 kick-off events. 

Leaders in the world of artificial intelligence gather in Shanghai

The WAIC opened today in Shanghai, with the heavyweights of the industry gathering to discuss AI's profound impact on the world economy, social progress and people's daily lives.

White Dew arrives, bringing cool weather

White Dew comes on September 8, when the sun's longitude reaches 165 degrees, marking a significant drop in temperature.

Moments of July

Shine photographers captured some sweaty moments of those who worked in downpour, typhoon and scorching days.

Shanghai issues orange heat alert

Shanghai's weather bureau upgraded the heat alert from yellow to orange, the second-highest level, at 1:59pm on Wednesday.

From India with love

A blood donation event organized by the city's Indian Association was held in Shanghai on Sunday for the upcoming World Blood Donor Day.