Solo show reveals heritage links in ceramist's creative path

Yang Di
Lan Tian's exhibition features 70 ceramic works that demonstrate his traditional style but are worth a closer look to find nuances.
Yang Di
Solo show reveals heritage links in ceramist's creative path
Courtesy of Lan Tian / Ti Gong

A prcelain vase by Lan Tian

Ceramist Lan Tian's solo exhibition "Arising from Heritage" is under way at Around Space Living through November 30.

On display are 70 ceramic works created by Lan, a postgraduate of China Academy of Art's Department of Ceramics. The word "heritage" has been guiding Lan's creative path for more than a decade.

He integrates traditional processing skills, decoration and ware shapes, irregardless of which dynasty or reference, to develop his own aesthetics.

It is easy to tell the traditional style represented by his ceramic works at first sight. However, upon closer inspection, they reveal nuances, such as subtle changes in structural proportion and revisited motifs, requiring visitors to dive into the sensations conveyed by the wares.

He has also adopted techniques used in other eastern Asian countries, especially Japan. By studying Japanese ceramics, Lan seamlessly incorporates "imperfect" handmade marks like unglazed, iron spots into his work.

The exhibition is curated by Gu Qing, founder of Qing Studio. Gu published her first book "Down to Earth" in 2018, which introduced contemporary Chinese potters and their works.

Exhibition info:

Dates: Through November 30, 2pm-6pm
Venue: Around Space Living
Address: Bldg 7, 819 Julu Rd

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