Vaccination cars offer convenience to the elderly

Zhu Yuting
The elderly residents of Qingpu District are being encouraged to get their vaccinations against COVID-19. They have the option of choosing permanent centers or mobile units.
Zhu Yuting

Qingpu District is launching a campaign in its 11 subdistricts to encourage more people, seniors in particular, to get COVID-19 vaccination.

People have the option of choosing between stationary and mobile vaccination sites.

"I'm 75, and I am here for the booster shot," said Lu Peimin, a woman living in Yingpu community. "The mobile vaccination car is so convenient that I can get a shot near my home."

Each mobile vaccination car is equipped with four medical staffers.

Some medical teams offer vaccination services inside residential compounds. They divide the vaccination site into different functional areas, including registration, pre-check, jabs, observation and first aid.

Volunteers are also helping.

"Residents can get shots at home, which saves time. Moreover, there's a green channel for seniors over 60," said Hu Meizhu, a staff member of Yingpu subdistrict's epidemic prevention and control office. "Since the recent COVID-19 resurgence, the subdistrict has organized 118 on-site vaccination services."

The subdistrict has 26,000 elderly residents, and their vaccination rate is 68 percent. Hu says 77.8 percent of the 132,000 residents have two or more vaccinations.

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