Puppets taking over Shanghai as part of theater festival

The Hub Puppet Theater Festival, featuring 71 performances of 16 programs, is being held throughout the month of June.
Wang Rongjiang / SHINE

The Hub Puppet Theater Festival, as part of Tiandi Art Festival, is currently underway at the Hub Hall through the end of the month.

During the event, 71 performances of 16 programs will be presented by nine domestic and overseas puppet groups.

The glove puppetry show “Pili,” literally meaning “thunderbolt,” is one of the highlights. Unlike traditional shows, “Pili” employs computer-generated imagery during action sequences. Twelve elaborate puppets are exhibited in the east atrium of the shopping mall.

Featuring classic stories, Shanghai Puppet Theater will present the shows “The Monkey King Subdues the White Bone Demoness,” “Prodigy of Huashan Mountain,” and “Little Red.” 

Another nationally renowned troupe, Sichuan Puppet Theater, will present four innovative shows, which combine puppetry with calligraphy and dance.

Puppets will tell their stories in public spaces. Presented by Anonymous Theater from France, the puppet show “Light and Shadow Winged Horses” will display the robust physique of horses. Music and lights will add a romantic charm to the performance.

Wang Rongjiang / SHINE

The 4-meter-tall “Don Quixote,” controlled by only one puppeteer, interacts with audiences outdoors.

The 4-meter-tall “Don Quixote,” controlled by only one puppeteer from the French Giant Theater, will interact with audiences outdoors, together with the giant puppet “Sisyphu,” created by the Maleonn Studio. It is made of environmentally friendly materials, such as pine, bamboo, rattan, kraft paper and used iron wire.

To have a better understanding of puppetry, audiences can visit the Studio Mobile located in the west atrium. Featuring tools, design drafts and little puppets, the studio allows visitors to get a glimpse of the puppet-making process.

Sitting on a suitcase, a 7-meter-tall marionette that looks like a traveler is “taking a rest” in front of the shopping mall. It is probably the largest puppet installation in China.

Performance details

Date: Through July 1
Ticket: Free
Tel: 6296-1818
Venue: The Hub
Address: 688 Shenchang Rd

For a full program schedule, subscribe to its official WeChat account (TheHubSH).

Wang Rongjiang / SHINE
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