Jiang Xiaowei


Crayfish harvest starts in local town

Fishing started over the weekend for local-farmed crayfish to compete with those from famed Xuyu County in neighboring Jiangsu Province.

Flower art festival lets visitors relax and smell the roses

The weeklong event boasts more than 200,000 flower blooms from over 500 specimens, covering an area of over 20,000 square meters. 

Moments of April

Shine photographers capture special moments of city life in the past month.

Robots at your service in Shanghai's Xuhui District

Robots have been employed at the administrative service center of Xuhui District to guide procedures, further accelerating the paperwork process.

Moments of March

Shine photographers capture some special moments of local life.

Visitors receive discount passports at cherry blossom festival

Baoshan District's tourism authority today handed out shopping and travel passports to visitors to the cherry blossom festival in Gucun Park. 

Free medical consultation on Lei Feng Day

A free medical consultation is organized in Baoshan District, Shanghai, on Saturday, as part of a nationwide move to honor China's altruist icon Lei Feng.

Moments in February

Shine photographers captured some special moments of local life this month.

A journey home

It's Spring Festival, and a time for millions who work and live in Shanghai to return to their hometowns. Shine's photographers share glimpses of a million stories.

Spring Festival travel rush starts

About 2.98 billion trips are expected to be made during the 2018 Spring Festival travel rush, known as the Chunyun, between February 1 and March 12.