BRICS summit means extra security checks for rail passengers

Passengers taking trains to Xiamen and Fuzhou from Shanghai stations will be affected from Tuesday.
Zhang Suoqing / SHINE

Passengers taking trains leaving for Xiamen and Fuzhou from Shanghai will be subject to additional security checks at the city’s railway terminals from Tuesday.

Shanghai railway police said on Monday that the measures are being taken due to the BRICS Summit, which is to be held in Xiamen, Fujian Province, from September 3 to 5. The extra checks will continue until the end of the summit.

Passengers taking 28 trains for Xiamen and Fuzhou at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and two for Xiamen at Shanghai South Railway Station will be affected. There will be no trains leaving for the two Fujian cities from Shanghai Railway Station.

Passengers' luggage and belongings will be given a second check at waiting rooms at the stations.

Police at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station said they will ensure liquids and sharp objects that are banned from being taken onto trains aren't brought on board.

Police at Shanghai South Railway Station said passengers taking K1209 and K525 trains will be temporarily assigned to the No.1 waiting room for their tickets to be stamped after being given a second check. Anyone found without the stamp on their tickets will be stopped from boarding.

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