Relocation of historic buddhist temple completed without a hitch

The main pavilion of the city's Jade Buddha Temple has been moved 30.66 meters northward, over seven days and two nights. 
Wang Rongjiang / SHINE

The relocation of the main pavilion of the Jade Buddha Temple – also known as Yufo Temple – was completed in downtown Shanghai on Friday.

The temple was moved 30.66 meters northward over seven days and two nights. Mahavira Hall, built in 1918, has been moved, together with three huge Buddhist statues and other cultural heritages still inside.

The job isn't done, though, since the pavilion still needs to be jacked up 1.05 meters, at about 30 centimeters a day, with an expected reopening later this year. 

The moving project, along with other renovations, are aimed at creating more room for worshippers and to address fire and other safety concerns at the popular historic temple in Anyuan Road.

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