Ukrainian music, 'chrysanthemum blanket' and magic for the holiday

Food, magic, music, flowers and folk culture are among the activities that will be staged at scenic spots across the city during the National Day holiday.

National flags are hung up to welcome the National Day Holiday on Nanjing Road E in Shanghai on September 28. 

Food, magic, music, flowers and folk culture are among the activities that will be staged at scenic spots across the city during the National Day holiday.

About 20 musicians from countries including the United States, Spain and Mexico will present “a magic feast with 30 performances every day” during the holiday at Shanghai Happy Valley in Songjiang District.

These musical magicians will interact with visitors to the amusement park and teach them magic tricks.

The park will also prolong its opening hours to late in the the night for the Halloween season. Eleven ghost houses have been set up to scare visitors.

Guyi Garden in Jiading District will host a folk culture festival during the holiday with a variety of exhibits.

These include exquisite Peking Opera costumes, props and accessories that date back more than 60 years, blue cloth with auspicious white patterns that date back a bit longer — to 1,300 years ago, as well as calligraphy works, tea tins and wheat straw pictures.

Folk performances of Chinese instrumental music and Han culture will be staged, and visitors wearing Han costumes and cheongsams will be admitted free during the holiday.

Shanghai Chenshan Botanic Garden in Songjiang will be turned into a sea of golden flowers, featuring about 10,000 square meters of around 20 varieties of sunflowers.

Huge pumpkins, rarely seen vegetables such as snake and swan gourd, and 180 chilli varieties will also be exhibited.

Rock, folk, popular and saxophone music will be played with the staging of an international music carnival through the week. Musicians from home and abroad will stage performances across the garden.

The 2017 Songjiang chrysanthemum Culture Festival will feature more than 1 million chrysanthemums comprising about 1,000 varieties at Wushe Agricultural Park.

With both indoors and outdoors exhibition areas, the highlight of the display is a “chrysanthemum blanket” of 20,000 square meters.

The outdoor exhibition features chrysanthemums in a rich variety of colors, presenting a rainbow picture. A flower market will operate in the park.

As part of World Music 2017 Shanghai, which opened last Saturday and runs to October 7, Dakhabrakha, performing Ukrainian music, and En Choudais, a band from Greece, will present performances in Xintiandi in Huangpu District during the holiday.

Another music festival will be held at Bihaijinsha Beach in Fengxian District. It will feature rock and electronic music.

The West Bank Food Festival in Xuhui District will feature delicacies by Michelin chefs, and the Jinshan Seafood Festival and Dishui Lake Food Festival will also take place in Jinshan District and the Pudong New Area during the holiday.

Chongming Forest Festival includes camping in Dongtan wetland and cycling event on Hengsha Island.

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