Nanxiang Xiaolong Dumpling Culture Fete kicks off

More than 10,000 visitors flocked to tasteNanxiang's famous xi­aolong dumplings on the opening day of Xiaolong Dumpling Culture Fete.

More than 10,000 tourists and visitors enjoyed the famed Nanxiang dumplings in Nanxiang Town of Jiading District on Thursday when the Xiaolong Dumpling Culture Fete, part of the annual Shanghai Tourism Festival, kicked off in the ancient town. 

The activity has been held for 11 years.

Nanxiang’s dumplings, xiaolong, are a famous Shanghai treat, noted for being succulent, juicy and crisp, typically with a savory pork filling and a thin wrapping. The wrapping of each dumpling has 18 wrinkles, a method handed down over more than 140 years.

Wang Rongjiang / SHINE

Tourists enjoy Nanxiang dumplings on Nanxiang Old Street on Thursday, where a thousand tables were laid out. 

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