Two historic Changning roads to be revamped

The district will launch renewal projects for Xinhua and Wuyi roads this year and install elevators on more old residential buildings.

Changning District will launch renewal projects on two of its historic roads — Xinhua and Wuyi — this year.

It will also install elevators at 19 old residential buildings.

Traditional lane-style neighborhoods will be restored, said Wang Weiren, the Party secretary of Changning.

"Xinhua Road and Wuyi Road are both under consideration of a total renewal,” said Wang.

The renewal project for Wuyi Road is almost at the end of the planning process, and it is estimated the project will be finished by early 2020.

Planners cite the successful renovation of Yuyuan Road, as the example to follow.

Wang said Yuyuan Road has a unique architectural style and it has incorporated an "artistic lifestyle community," with a series of modern artworks permeating into every corner of the street.

With the example of the rich experience provided by Yuyuan Road, "Xinhua road's renewal will also focus on the historical buildings and lanes,” said Wang, “from infrastructure to surroundings of every single lane. We want the tourists to experience the memories and warmth of the community.”

Wang said Changning has 270,000 households, half of which live in old residential buildings built during the 1960s to 1990s. About 6,000 households still live in buildings with no independent kitchens or bathrooms. Changning plans to resolve this issue over the next three years.

As part of the renewal campaign, elevators will be installed on a further 19 residential buildings to serve senior residents, who comprise over 30 percent of the population.

Fifteen buildings in Changning have already had elevators installed, thanks to a simplified application process that will be expanded, Wang said.

Installing an elevator in an old residential building used to be complicated as over 40 stamps on the application forms were needed from different government bodies, but the procedure has been simplified to six steps since 2016.

According to a policy introduced by Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, the government offers a subsidy of up to 40 percent of the elevator cost.

Changning, meanwhile, is considering creating a new underground space and a parking lot in front of Zhongshan Park to connect the commercial area in the district's west with the residential area in the east. 

Two historic Changning roads to be revamped
Fang Le / Ti Gong

Qishan Village on Yuyuan Road, one of the most famous lane-house style neighborhoods in Shanghai. Many notable names have left their marks here.

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