Suspects held after prostitution raid at five-star Shanghai hotel

Eleven suspects have been operating prostitution services in five rooms on the 18th floor of Hotel Nikko in downtown Shanghai.

Eleven suspects have been detained for allegedly offering prostitution services at a five-star hotel in downtown Shanghai, police said on Friday.

The suspects operated the service in five hotel rooms on the 18th floor of Hotel Nikko Shanghai on Yan’an Road W.

Police in Changning District started investigating in late December.

The gang allegedly advertised the services on the Internet with the only contact information being a mobile phone number.

Interested customers were asked to meet members of the gang near the hotel and then taken to one of the five rooms to “choose a girl,” and the sexual transaction was eventually provided in another room, police said.

The suspects were rounded up in a raid at the hotel at about 7:45pm on January 3.

Police said investigation is still underway.

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