Cheating drivers caught in transport commission campaign

Two taxi drivers found to have repeatedly overcharged customers have had their taxi certifications seized and are facing further investigation. 

Two taxi drivers repeatedly complained about for overcharging and cherry picking have been caught in the first round of this year's “Removing the Thorns” campaign by Shanghai Transport Commission's law enforcement department.

Law enforcement officers went to Hyatt on the Bund last Thursday after tracking down a taxi that had been complained about four times in the past two years. In June last year a passenger said he had been overcharged when the taxi, plate number DX4498, took him from Hyatt to Pudong International Airport.

On Thursday the taxi again took a passenger to the airport. When officers there checked, they found the distance shown on the taximeter was 65.5 kilometers and 237 yuan (US$37) was charged. But the actual distance was just 46 kilometers and the fare was 70 yuan too much.

Another taxi at the airport, plate BX6568, was also found to be overcharging. There had been eight complaints about this taxi over the past two years, all for overcharging.

Cheating devices were found on both vehicles. Officers said the drivers used the devices to add extra distance to the taximeter.

Both drivers had their taxi certifications seized and are facing further investigation. The commission has banned them from the taxi business for the next five years and their offenses recorded on the personal credit system.

“Once having unlawful behavior on your personal record, you will face restrictions when applying for a credit card or financial subsidy,” said a commission official. He urged passengers to dial 12345 to report instances of cherry picking or overcharging.

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