Dog-themed exhibition opens in Shanghai

The Year of the Dog is celebrated with an exhibition in the city that displays dogs' history,  skills and habits through pictures, videos and high-tech communication. 
Ti Gong

Zhanshen likes children but as his handlers pointed out, he is also a working dog and his work takes priority.

It's all about dogs.

A dog-themed exhibition opened on Wednesday at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Dog and will run to May 6.

Called "One Day of a Dog," the exhibition at the museum's Ball Hall displays dogs' history, their different breeds, skills and habits through pictures, bilingual introductions, videos and high-tech communication such as virtual reality, augmented reality and a touch wall.

It details the story of dogs and other animals associated with the canine family via five series of interactive games and four short videos, including a no-need-for-glasses 3D video, in its nine sections. There is also an AR interaction for learning about a dog’s sense of smell and a VR interaction to “train your dog.”

Ti Gong

Zhanshen sits near a suitcase that contains prohibited items. He uses his sense of smell to sniff them out.

Ti Gong

Zhanshen makes friends with a young visitor to the dog exhibition.

Ti Gong

Zhanshen checks out a suitcase that contains prohibited items. He uses his sense of smell to sniff them out.

Ti Gong

Zhanshen winks to the photographer.

At the opening ceremony on Wednesday morning, officers from the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau brought two of their inspection dogs to show their talents.

The two male dogs, a 7-year-old springer spaniel Buding (Pudding) and 4-year-old Labrador Zhanshen (God of War), responded to commands such as stand up, sit down, run and roll, as well as finding prohibited items — such as plant seeds, fruit and meat — hidden in cases.

Zhanshen also showed his talent in counting by barking the number of times that equals the answer.

Though the two dogs were warm and friendly to the children watching, the inspection officers warned people not to approach the animals when they were working and also not to use flash photography to avoid any risk of damaging the dogs' eyes.

The exhibition also offers related activities like paper folding and a Lego game.

Ti Gong

Who can resist this springer spaniel? A visitor snaps Buding.

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