First wave of cherry blossom flowers at Shanghai Botanical Garden

Warm mild weather helps the flower blossom and best time to appreciate them is early March.
Ti Gong

The first wave of cherry blossoms flowers at Shanghai Botanical Garden in Xuhui District. 

The first wave of cherry blossom has flowered at Shanghai Botanical Garden in Xuhui District because of the warm mild weather, and the best time to appreciate them is around early March.

Four cherry blossom trees have flowered at the garden, about two weeks later compared with last year.

"The chill and frost this winter is the major reason for the delay, while the warm and pleasant climate since last week has boosted cherry blossom flowering," said Zhu Jijun, a cherry blossom expert at the garden.

"Early and mid March is the best time to appreciate cherry blossom in the city because some early blooming varieties including Kawazu-zakura cherry blossom, a star of the flower, will bloom during the period," Zhu said. 

Kawazu-zakura cherry blossom features large petals and is bright pink. Kawazu-zakura prefers temperature above 6 degrees, and can flower for seven to 10 days if the weather is stable, according to Zhu.

The Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is another place to appreciate the flower. It has a 550-meter boulevard featuring Kawazu-zakura cherry blossom.

Kawazu-zakura cherry blossoms at this garden are expected to flower in early March, the operator said. Overall, the cherry blossom's flowering period can last till early April in the city.

Gucun Park, Tongji University, Minhang Sports Park and Luxun Park are some other spots in the city to appreciate this beautiful pink spring flower.

Ti Gong

File photo of a 550-meter boulevard featuring Kawazu-zakura cherry blossoms at Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden.

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