Shanghai Customs handled over 6,600 IPR cases in 2 decades

The number of counterfeit goods seized by Shanghai Customs were the highest in the country, a report released by the General Administration of Customs said.  

Shanghai Customs has handled 6,600 intellectual property cases over the past two decades, with 310 million fake goods seized.

The latest report released by the General Administration of Customs (GAC) shows that the number of pirated goods seized in Shanghai last year was the highest in the country.

One of the cases was a patent infringement dispute between Shanghai-based Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc (AMEC) and a US company.

AMEC, involved in scientific research, developed several chips with proprietary intellectual property rights and has more than 1,200 patents worldwide. It got into a dispute with a US company for infringing its property rights.

Earlier this year, AMEC learnt that a shipment from the US company would arrive in Shanghai and promptly applied for the goods to be blocked by the authorities. The customs then launched an investigation. The US company was forced to enter into a negotiation with AMEC and a cross-license agreement was reached.

In another case, more than 6,000 rolls of counterfeit clothes of local brand Xiannuwu (Nymph Dance) worth nearly 700,000 yuan (US$110,672) was seized by the customs.  

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