Huangpu River sightseeing just got better

A new-look dock and a world-class cruise ship for sightseeing on the Huangpu River were unveiled to the public yesterday, Shanghai Tourism Administration said.
Wang Rongjiang / SHINE

Passengers board the No. 1 Cruise Ship yesterday at the renovated Qinhuangdao Road Cruise Dock in Shanghai for a sightseeing tour of the Huangpu River.

A new-look dock and a world-class cruise ship for sightseeing on the Huangpu River were unveiled to the public yesterday, Shanghai Tourism Administration said.

More than 400 passengers, including about 50 expatriates, enjoyed the cruise early yesterday, experiencing the glamor, the ecological environment and other attractions along the way.

Yesterday was the last day of the three-day May Day holiday.

It was the first river cruise tour from the renovated Qinhuangdao Road Cruise Dock.

“The tour was very impressive, and the view of the Huangpu River was very beautiful,” said Tore Rolland from Norway.

It was the first sightseeing cruise tour for Rolland, who previously only took the ferry between Pudong and Puxi.

“The first things you notice are the Chinese elements on the ship, such as the dragon head,” said Rolland.

“I could see the Bund where I work and the skyline of Pudong from the ship,” said Rolland.

“For people from Norway, we are not used to seeing tall buildings like the Shanghai Tower, which is quite unique. The skyline in Shanghai is also impressive, and it can contest with top cities such as New York.

“I would very much like to take another tour in the night when the Bund and Pudong landscape are illuminated.”

It was also the first sightseeing trip on the river for Thomas Elz from Germany who has been in the city for four years.

“The view is spectacular,” said the German. “I love the modern skyscrapers as well as the traditional Bund buildings.

“I have used the ferry few times and could see the Peace Hotel and Nanpu Bridge. The tour, however, gives a panoramic view of the river and both banks along it.”

The Huangpu River tour is a product of Shanghai tourism, and highlights the image of Shanghai and tells the many stories of the city, the administration said. 

The completion of the 45-kilometer-long riverfront offers an opportunity to boost the quality of the river tour, tourism officials said, adding that the aim is to make it a world-class attraction.

Renovation work on the Qinhuangdao Road dock started in February. A corridor bridge was constructed at the cruise terminal and the dock to separate passengers and visitors on the waterfront. 

In addition, the green landscape, lighting and illumination, heating system, signs, facade and interior decoration were rebuilt, while the public toilets and ticketing areas on the dock were redesigned and adjusted. The roof and the old facilities were fixed and replaced.

Shiliupu, Qichangzhan, Expo VIP and Bailianjing docks will all undergo renovation this year.

The No. 1 Cruise Ship of the Huangpu River tour is the biggest sightseeing ship on the river and can accommodate 1,000 passengers. 

The ship was also renovated, and its interior decor was refurbished for 17 million yuan (US$2.7 million). The dragon ship has a traditional Chinese cultural flavor.

“The highlight of the dragon ship is the fiber optical light belt on it, which illuminates the whole ship,” said Xu Jie, chairman of the Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise Co.

A Huangpu River tour sign was also released. All cruise ships on the river will have the sign.

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