Shop burglary suspect nailed in Pudong

The suspect was allegedly involved in five burglaries in different parts of Shanghai, result in 10,000 yuan (US$1,572) of losses.

A suspect involved in five shop burglaries in different parts of Shanghai has been caught in Pudong, police said on Wednesday.

The amount lost in those burglaries was over 10,000 yuan (US$1,572), police said.

The first of the burglaries, which took place at a foot massage shop, was reported to Zhoujiadu Police in mid March.

The suspect took away the hard disk in the computer which controls the surveillance cameras in the shop, so no useful evidence was collected at the scene, police said.

Shop burglary suspect nailed in Pudong
Pudong police

The suspect is caught on a street surveillance camera breaking into a restaurant on Qihe Road about 3:30am on April 12.

A second burglary was reported a few days after at a fruit stand, and police managed to spot the suspect from a street surveillance camera.

In the early morning of April 12, a small restaurant in the same area reported a burglary and the same suspect was caught on camera taking a taxi to leave the scene.

Police managed to track him down in a public bath house later that day.

The suspect, a man surnamed Xia, has allegedly owned up to the burglaries.

Xia, 26 years old, is from out of town and unemployed, police said.

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