Experts launch robotic surgery guideline

Cai Wenjun
Shanghai Chest Hospital's Dr Luo Qingquan leads a team to establish guidance for robot-assisted lung cancer surgery to set standards for their counterparts around the country.
Cai Wenjun

China’s first clinical guideline on robot-assisted lung cancer surgery was released on Tuesday to regulate and improve clinical practice across the nation.

Surgical robots are said to offer more precise treatment with less trauma and faster recovery through minimally-invasive techniques. Over 150 medical facilities in China have introduced robotic systems and they are widely used in lung surgery.

“However, professional levels differ in different regions and hospitals, some of which are only in the primary stage,” said Dr Luo Qingquan, of Shanghai Chest Hospital.

The hospital was one of the first to use robots in lung surgery and so far it has completed some 3,500 thoracic operations using robotic systems, or over 20 percent of all such operations in China.

Luo led an expert team to establish the standard for domestic counterparts in targeting diseases, surgical process, lymph node dissection, anesthesia and body position, post-surgery complications and treatment. The guideline also offers suggestions and data based on follow-up visits to provide more precise plans for lung cancer patients in different stages and molecular types.

It also offers training guidance for doctors.

Experts launch robotic surgery guideline
Ti Gong

Dr Luo Qingqun from Shanghai Chest Hospital pictured during lung cancer surgery.

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