Good habits cut cases of flu in children

Cai Wenjun
Autumn and winter is the peak season for infectious respiratory diseases and children's hospitals usually report a surge of cases but they are down 30 percent this year.
Cai Wenjun

Cases of children with respiratory diseases such as flu dropped by about 30 percent over this autumn and winter, due to habits such as wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing and avoiding gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.

This time of the year is the peak season for infectious respiratory diseases. Children’s hospitals in the city usually report a surge in cases.

“Good habits that people have formed during the coronavirus pandemic have cut infections and the spread of infectious diseases,” said Dr Fan Yake of Shanghai Ren’ai Hospital’s pediatrics department. “Wearing a mask is not only a measure for coronavirus prevention but also useful for infectious respiratory disease prevention.

“Avoiding outings, reducing social gatherings and proper exercise are all effective for infectious respiratory disease prevention and control. 

“Winter is still the peak season for respiratory diseases, especially during a cold front,” Fan said. “Good personal hygiene should become a habit even though the pandemic is under control in China.”

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