Shanghai hospital announces success of hip fracture surgery on centenarian

Cai Wenjun
Shanghai Renji Hospital successfully carries out hip fracture surgery on a 100-year-old female patient, with the procedure taking just 40 minutes amid 50 milliliters of blood loss.
Cai Wenjun

Shanghai Renji Hospital says it has successfully carried out surgery on a 100-year-old female with hip fracture.

The patient fell at home and fractured her hip. She had to lie in bed, suffering serious pain and poor mobility.

Doctors said hip fracture for the elderly is very fatal. It is called the last fracture in life because it can cause continuous internal bleeding, and serious complications like lung and urological infections.

The mortality in the first month of fracture is over 20 percent and timely surgery is the best treatment to reduce mortality.

The patient went to Renji Hospital's emergency department on the third day after the fracture and was advised surgery.

Surgery and anesthesia for people at such an advanced age is a big challenge. After detailed checks, doctors decided to carry out the operation and made pre-plans to ensure safety and reduce the risk from anesthesia.

The surgery was smooth, as doctors only spent 40 minutes finishing the operation with 50 milliliters of blood loss.

Shanghai hospital announces success of hip fracture surgery on centenarian
Ti Gong

The 100-year-old female patient is recovering well after surgery.

The patient could sit and move by herself the day after the surgery. She was transported to a nearby hospital for further rehabilitation five days later.

Dr Li Zhanyu, the chief surgeon, said many elderly people have misunderstandings about surgery and worry about operation risks.

"Avoiding surgery doesn't mean it is safer. Elderly people can suffer various issues like severe pain and fear of moving, which is likely to cause thrombus and then lead to pulmonary embolism, stroke and heart attack. Being bedridden long term also can cause bedsores as well as lung and urological infections," he said. "All these are fatal complications.

"Age is not the taboo. For elderly people, as far as they can endure anesthesia, surgery is the best solution and the earlier the better. After surgery, they can turn over, sit and walk, which are important for life quality and recovery."

According to experts, the first 24 hours after fracture is the best time for surgery for reducing post-surgery complications and mortality. The mortality increases significantly between 36 and 48 hours after the fracture.

Post-surgery rehabilitation is also important. The best time is between 24 and 48 hours after surgery, doctors noted.

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