Exhibition explores coexistence of humans and nature

Yang Jian
A key exhibition of Shanghai's ongoing biannual urban art season opened along the Suzhou Creek over the weekend.
Yang Jian

A key exhibition of Shanghai's ongoing biannual urban art season opened along the Suzhou Creek over the weekend.

It explores the concept of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

The exhibition, curated by Shanghai University's Public Art Cooperation Center (PACC), will run through the end of the year at the Suhewan greenbelt in downtown Jing'an District.

"Neighboring Myriad," focuses on the city's achievements in ecological development in recent years.

It features public art installations, regular art activities and an urban green space to explore and express the symbiosis of Shanghai's ecological urban development and citizens' lives, according to the PACC.

An interactive art activity "The Secrets of Plants" marked the beginning of the exhibition over the weekend.

Artist Zhu Ziyi introduced different types of leaves and led participants to use plant printing to experience the vitality of nature.

A clay installation by artist Yu Wenran records the artist's dreams with cartoon-like figures, encouraging both children and adults to unleash their imagination.

"City Jungle," another installation, uses colorful patchwork designs to depict the fusion of urban and natural elements, where buildings and plants coexist and thrive.

Bamboo sways within sturdy steel pipes around another key creekside installation, reminding visitors of the transient nature of life.

A screen-like public art installation created by artist Zhou Zizheng aims to awaken participants' awareness of "habitat." Here, people are encouraged to look up to the vast starry sky and down to the shimmering creek at night.

A series of suspended art installations made from stainless steel, white copper and concrete embodies the exchange of information and physical existence of humans.

"Through collaboration, construction and sharing, the curatorial team aims to sow the seeds of green ecology and ecological aesthetics in the hearts of all who walk through the green space," the curator of the exhibition said.

The 2023 Shanghai Urban Space Art Season, marking its fifth edition, will be open through November 20.

A total of 20 exhibitions across the city under the theme "METro-BIOSIS" will showcase Shanghai's ecological development concepts and technological methods, presenting a city where "human and nature harmoniously coexist."

If you go:

Duration: Through December 20

Admission: Free

Site: Suhewan Greenland

Address: near intersection of Beisuzhou Road and Fujian Road N.

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