Wildlife conservation program to raise public awareness

Hu Min
Shanghai's greenery authorities have begun a monthlong campaign to promote wildlife and nature conservation, through a touring photography exhibition.
Hu Min

Shanghai's greenery authorities kicked off a monthlong promotion campaign on Friday to raise awareness of wildlife conservation among the pubic, with a slew of activities including exhibitions and science popularization classes rolled out across the city.

A new law with a total of 37 regulations on wild animal conservation was passed by the Shanghai People's Congress, the city's legislature, in June to further enrich and optimize wildlife management measures.

It's the first wildlife conservation promotion month in the city, following the law.

On Friday, a photo exhibition highlighting wildlife and nature raised its curtain at Fuxing Park, in downtown Huangpu District.

Wildlife conservation program to raise public awareness
Li Jian

A photo on display

The event received about 31,000 photos from 210 photographers, with some selected for the exhibition. The itinerant exhibition will tour in Dong'an Park and the Shanghai Botanical Gardens in Xuhui District, and Zhongshan Park in Changning District as well.

On November 24, a bird biodiversity investigation activity will be held at Jinhai Wetland in Caolu Town, in the Pudong New Area, while a guided tour will take place at the Chenshan Botanical Gardens in Songjiang District on November 26.

An insect specimen exhibition will be held at Dong'an Park in mid and late November, while classes on the conservation of Chinese sturgeon will be held on campus during the month as well.

Guided tours taking people into nature will be held at Shanghai Mianqing Park, which is one of the first group of six parks on an ecological park belt circling the city that have opened to the public.

Wildlife conservation program to raise public awareness
Ti Gong

Poster of the monthlong promotion

The park features quite a number of landscapes with wetland and forests. One of them presents an enchanting autumn scenery featuring colorful foliage plants such as dawn redwood and soapberry and a rockery garden, offering an ideal place for a leisurely stroll.

On Saturday, a guided tour will take people to Yexie Town in Songjiang District where a restoration and release base of Chinese water deer is located.

The law prohibits the feeding, eating and hunting of wildlife.

In one case, it's become prohibited to feed raccoon dogs, which have been spotted more frequently in Shanghai's neighborhoods in recent years, partly due to people feeding them.

The law also focuses on dividing the protection responsibilities and power, establishing an asylum system for wild animals, improving the city's wildlife habitat system, as well as promoting co-work on wildlife conservation in all walks of life.

The law stipulates, for wildlife originating from the city and with very small populations, various measures such as relocation, on-site protection, reintroduction and establishment of resource banks should be implemented.

Wildlife conservation program to raise public awareness
Jin Minyi

A child glued to one photo

Based on the law, November is the city's wild animal conservation promotion month.

"Wildlife conservation requires massive participation from the public and we also seek to promote how they could do to protect wildlife by hosting diversified activities," said Li Zirong, deputy director of Shanghai Forestry Station.

"We encourage the public to get involved in the conservation of wildlife and contribute to the co-existence of human and nature."

Wildlife conservation program to raise public awareness
Kuang Zhongxiu

A photo on display

Photo exhibition info:

Date: through October 29

Venue: Dong'an Park

Address: 811 Zhongshan No.2 Rd S., Xuhui District (上海市徐汇区中山南二路811号)

Admission: Free

Date: November 1-12

Venue: Shanghai Botanical Garden

Address: 1111 Longwu Road, Xuhui District (上海市徐汇区龙吴路1111号)

Admission: Free

Date: November 15-24

Venue: Zhongshan Park

Address: 780 Changning Road, Changning District (上海市长宁区长宁路780号)

Admission: Free

Wildlife conservation program to raise public awareness
Gong Shengping

A photo on display

Wildlife conservation program to raise public awareness
Qin Sen

A photo on display

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