Carrying fireworks on Shanghai Metro banned

Tian Shengjie
Fireworks, including "cold fireworks," are banned on Shanghai Metro during the Spring Festival holiday, local authorities announced.
Tian Shengjie

Fireworks, especially "cold fireworks," are not permitted on the Metro, according to local rail transit police, which announced on Thursday the management measures for the upcoming Spring Festival and Lantern Festival.

According to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, the city will host over 100 different types of Spring Festival festivities. The local police will collaborate with cultural and tourism authorities, as well as ethnic and religious affairs departments, to control the flow of people in prominent tourist locations both online and offline, implementing targeted measures to guarantee that locals can enjoy the festivities while remaining secure.

The Yuyuan Lantern Fair is a highlight of the year. The Huangpu District police reported a high passenger flow since its opening on January 21. On December 27, the instantaneous flow numbered approximately 18,000 people.

To prevent crowds from gathering, the police said they would restrict the number of imports and raise the number of exports before the exhibition ends on February 29.

Carrying fireworks on Shanghai Metro banned
Ti Gong

A policeman directs a tourist to the Yuyuan Garden in Huangpu District.

Huanghe Road in Huangpu District and its environs have regained prominence since the TV drama "Blossoms Shanghai" premiered. Huangpu police said they would conduct safety checks of shop signs, light boxes, and other equipment in the area with the fire department to eliminate concealed hazards.

Temporary traffic signals have been installed in the region to improve road safety.

The subway near the picturesque spots will likewise have a significant passenger flow. According to the rail transit police, the flow in recent years has always occurred between the first and eighth days of the Lunar New Year. This year, the period may be extended until the Lantern Festival on February 24.

During the celebrations, some people may offer live fowl to family and friends as traditional gifts. According to the authorities, live fowl is also not permitted on the Metro.

It further said that each passenger can carry no more than 1,000 milliliters of unopened baijiu (rice liquor) with a high alcohol level.

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