Pioneering Chinese culture and entertainment group presents its awards

Ke Jiayun
Yuewen recognizes its authors, works, and performers in dramas adapted from its novels at a ceremony in Singapore with Chinese star Dylan Wang honored for his "outstanding impact."
Ke Jiayun

The Yuewen Global IP Awards were held in Singapore on February 5 with 21 awards for its authors, works, and actors and actresses who performed in dramas adapted from its novels.

Chinese culture and entertainment group Yuewen mainly develops intellectual property (IP) based on online literature and has over 200 million monthly active users on all its platforms.

It is known for trailblazing a pay-to-read model in China's online literature industry, which has made it one of the most popular choices for authors looking to earn a living from online fiction.

The awards celebrate Chinese literature and recognise distinguished authors, creators, and artists in the field, as well as commemorate their works across digital entertainment mediums such as animation, film, TV series, and games.

There were a total of 21 categories, such as "most anticipated adaptation," "most influential adapted character," "outstanding author of the year," and "most outstanding impact of the year." Global distribution deals have already been sealed for nearly 70 percent of the award-winning IPs.

Hou Xiaonan, Yuewen's president and CEO, took the stage to present the "outstanding impact actor of adaptations" award to Chinese star Dylan Wang.

Pioneering Chinese culture and entertainment group presents its awards

Hou Xiaonan, president and CEO of Yuewen, presents the "outstanding impact actor of adaptations" award to Dylan Wang.

Hou, also producer of the TV series "Guardians of the Dafeng," has led Yuewen to release a series of popular works, including the TV series "Joy of Life," "A Lifelong Journey," the film "Hi, Mom!," and the animated series "Battle Through the Heavens."

Yuewen has also partnered with creative teams from the US, the UK, India, Japan, and Singapore to develop original IP for the global market and apply the same business model used for Chinese IP.

For example, "My Vampire System," written by British author JKSManga and published on WebNovel, Yuewen's international platform, has been translated into six languages and adapted into audiobook and comic versions.

In 2022, Chinese web novels were added to the British Library's collection for the first time. Of the 16 works, all were originally published by Yuewen.

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