The final episode of 'Doctor Talk Show' will air on Thursday

Cai Wenjun
About 600 health professionals will participate in the last episode of the third season of "Doctor Talk Show," which will air on Thursday night.
Cai Wenjun

The final leg of the third season of "Doctor Talk Show" will air on Thursday night on local TV stations, Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV, and online platforms, according to the Shanghai Health Commission, one of the organizers.

Approximately 600 health professionals and people focusing on health promotion from Shanghai, other mainland regions, Taiwan, and other countries have entered the competition, setting a new record for participation.

The 16 finalists include doctors and nurses who work on the clinical front lines, psychologists, and bloggers with a large following. They all employ engaging, interesting, and easy-to-understand language to convey health concerns and avoid misunderstandings.

Shanghai started the program in 2021. So far, two episodes have been produced, with billions of views on various platforms, according to the Shanghai Health Promotion Commission, which has been promoting public health and implementing various new methods and policies to increase medical and health knowledge and awareness.

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