Shanghai welcomes foreign visitors with new 'How to Pay in Shanghai' video series

Ke Jiayun
You might think you know all the ways to conduct payments in Shanghai, but the city has rolled out a TON of new options just this year. This video series covers all the bases!
Ke Jiayun

Directed by Chen Jie, Fu Rong. Shot by Sun Minjie, Alexander Bushroe, Ke Jiayun. Edited by Zhong Youyang. Subtitles by Ke Jiayun, Zhong Youyang.

Illustration by Shen Xinyi

Master Payments Like a Pro in Shanghai!

The much-anticipated "How to Pay in Shanghai" video series launches today, offering expatriates and international visitors all the tips and tricks to master the city's advanced payment systems.

To ensure your Shanghai experience is seamless, the Shanghai government has pulled out all the stops. This initiative aims to create a hassle-free, enjoyable time for foreign residents and visitors. The series, is your ultimate guide to navigating the city's payment landscape. And credit where credit is due, the series was produced by the People's Bank of China Shanghai Head Office and the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office, with support from China UnionPay and Shanghai Daily.

The five-episode series includes:

  1. "How to Pay in Shanghai"
  2. "Mobile Payments"
  3. "Cash Payments"
  4. "Currency Exchange"
  5. "Bank Card Payments"

These videos were made to help expatriates and visitors effortlessly navigate the city's various payment systems. Whether you're linking your international card to local payment systems or learning to zap QR codes like a native, these guides have got you covered. Plus, e-wallets from South Korea, Singapore, and Kazakhstan are now compatible for direct QR code payments!

Payments by the numbers...

The numbers tell the story – since April, foreign bank card transactions at Shanghai's POS terminals have doubled in both transaction count and value compared to February. Over 2 million visitors have embraced mobile payment options, with an 80 percent increase in transactions. The city's fast adoption of multiple payment systems in such a short period of time is a veritable payment revolution.

China has been rolling out new measures to cater to the payment needs of foreign visitors. The People's Bank of China has introduced exciting initiatives in places like Beijing and Shanghai, ensuring that paying in China is as diverse and dynamic as its visitors.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, tourists effortlessly made payments everywhere – from subways and museums to major malls and quaint shops. Tourism hotspots like Shanghai and Hainan are creating international-friendly zones that make spending money a breeze.

A rapid expansion of payment terminals supporting foreign bank cards has rolled out across Shanghai.

Shanghai's accomplishments are impressive. Over 60,000 POS machines now accept foreign bank cards, covering all major commercial areas, airports, and top-rated scenic spots. Meanwhile, Hainan's national banks have ensured their ATMs are foreign-card-friendly.

Whether you're shopping, dining out, or exploring the city, Shanghai offers convenient and cutting-edge payment options. Dive into the "How to Pay in Shanghai" series and enjoy a hassle-free, wallet-friendly stay in one of the world's most vibrant cities!

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