Taiwan students learning from mainland enterprises

Yang Meiping
Young people taking part in Putuo District's "elite cultivation plan" welcomed to Shanghai with the hope they will learn how to seek employment and develop their careers.
Yang Meiping

Thirty university students from Taiwan are in Shanghai as for monthlong internships in local enterprises.

They are the eighth batch of young people in a career training program organized by Putuo District, the "Putuo Elite Cultivation Plan," to help Taiwan youth seize career opportunities on the mainland.

Wei Jing, a member of the Standing Committee of the Putuo District Party Committee, told them to chase, build, and realize their dreams and promised that Putuo will create more opportunities for their growth and success.

Jiang Xiyi, chief of the Shanghai Taiwan-Invested Enterprises Association's Putuo committee, said the program had become a service platform for young people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to engage in internships and exchanges. He said he was looking forward to mutual learning and cooperation among participants.

Over the following month, the students will work at 13 companies, including manufacturing giant Crown Group, K-Boxing, a menswear brand, and Yuexing Group, a leading player in the furnishings industry, with top administrators from the enterprises serving as mentors to guide them in putting theories into practice.

They will also attend courses to learn how to seek employment and career development on the mainland.

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