Direct delivery to high-speed trains gives new meaning to 'fast food'

New food delivery service connects high-speed rail passengers with local delicacies, or even KFC.

Food deliverymen give the food to the stewardess at Chengdu East Station on July 17

Passengers on selected high-speed rail services in China can now order takeout from points across their journey, which will be delivered direct to the train upon arrival at certain stations.

Those aboard G and D services can use the official app or website of 12306, the China Railway Customer Service Center, to choose food from certain locations along their route, including local delicacies, or even Western takeaways. That food will then rendezvous with their train on the platform.

High-speed rail passengers are excited about the new service since it allows them to eat food from a wider selection than what is offered on-board, often at a lower price. 

Orders need to be placed two hours before the train sets off, and will be automatically cancelled if the train is cancelled or delayed for more than 30 minutes. 

The service is available at 27 trial stations including Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. Payment can be made via WeChat or Alipay and includes an 8 yuan delivery fee. 

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