Mercedes dealer reaches agreement with disgruntled buyer

The angry customer said her new car was leaking oil on the showroom floor, and dealership staff pressured her into paying for the vehicle with a high-fee loan.
Mercedes dealer reaches agreement with disgruntled buyer

A Mercedes-Benz buyer (second right) reaches an agreement with a dealership in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, on April 16 after a viral rant about its service there went viral.

A Mercedes-Benz dealership in Xi’an, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, reached an agreement with a car buyer on Tuesday after a video of her complaints with its service went viral, according to

The buyer, whose name has not been revealed, said she purchased a new Mercedes from the Lizhixing 4S dealership, an authorized dealer in Xi’an, only to discover that it was leaking oil on the showroom floor.

A video was posted showing her sitting on the hood of a car in the showroom angrily accusing sales staff of dodging her demands for a refund.

The woman also alleged in later media interviews that she originally wanted to pay cash for the car but was pressured by the dealership into taking out a loan which came with high fees.

“We’re very sorry for whatever happened,” said Hubertus Troskas, a board member and head of China operations for Daimler, Mercedes’ parent group.

“We have reached an agreement with the customer and she will continue to be a Mercedes customer,” he added, speaking to journalists on the opening day of the Shanghai Auto Show on April 16.

The dealership has exchanged the woman's faulty car with a new vehicle. She will continue to finance the car with a loan, although the dealer will refund her over 10,000 yuan (US$1,490) in “financial service fees,” reported.

Other items in the agreement reportedly include a trip to Mercedes-Benz’s factory in Germany offered by the auto giant, 10-year VIP service and birthday celebrations for the buyer.

Mercedes-Benz also said in a statement it has suspended operation of the dealership in Xi’an. The company will terminate its cooperation with the dealer if irregularities are found, it said.

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