Volleyball skipper reports online rumormongers to police

Wang Qingchu
China's star spikeralleges people were intentionally smearing her reputation during Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
Wang Qingchu
Volleyball skipper reports online rumormongers to police

Zhu Ting (right) in action during the match between China and the Russian Olympic Committee during the Tokyo 2020.

Chinese women's volleyball team captain Zhu Ting has filed a report to police alleging defamation and intends to take legal action against people she claims have intentionally smeared her reputation.

Zhu said on her Weibo account yesterday that she has notarized the evidence and filed a report with Shanghai police, alleging people were making up online rumors tarnishing her reputation from July 19 to August 2. 

She also posted a photo of the police report.

"Next stop, people's court," Zhu wrote, indicating she would take legal action.

The reigning champion Chinese women's volleyball team suffered three straight losses from the start of its competition at the Tokyo Olympics. Its Group B losses to Turkey, USA and the Russian Olympic Committee resulted in it being knocked out at the group stage.

Failing to make it to the quarterfinals meant Tokyo was China's worst finish at an Olympics since winning the title in Los Angeles in 1984. Its previous lowest ranking was seventh in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics.

Super spiker Zhu had suffered a wrist injury before the Tokyo Games, explaining her sluggish performance in the first match against Turkey.

"I take all the blame as I'm the head coach," said coach Lang Ping, who was known as the "Iron Hammer" during her days as a player. "When facing difficulties, I could not find a solution and lead the team out." 

Lang attributed her team's lackluster performance in Tokyo to excessive reliance on star spiker Zhu who was flag-bearer for China's Olympic delegation at the opening ceremony.

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