Zhong Youyang


Architects find new life on washroom floor

Living in downtown Shanghai, with three kids and a fat cat, Canadian couple Sherry Poon and Raefer Wallis said they have built an intimate relationship with their neighbors.

Budding superheroes have a day of fun

Children made aware of their role in safeguarding the planet at an event to promote an English speech contest on a sustainable future. 

Mom's most important years, the first three

Daisy, now 37 years old, became a stay-at-home mother after her second daughter was born in 2017. 

A chemical consultant with a passion for birds and mud

On many sunny days, Kai Pflug gets up around 5am, sometimes much earlier, and drives to Nanhui, carrying his big camera with a huge lens.

A startup providing solutions not problems

Wind Lion, a company specializing in environmental protection technology, is located in an old three-storey building near Tongji University in Yangpu District. 
Art & Culture

Apprentice's evolution into inkstone master

Ding Weiming, 63, is an inkstone sculptor at the downtown Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum on Fenyang Road. He has been working in the area for almost 40 years.

Lighting company continues to shine

Signify CEO Eric Rondolat says the company is committed to investing in China and will maintain its drive to encourage innovation in the local market.  

Heritage lanterns to light up festival night in Baoshan

Zhu Lingbao, 77 years old, a lantern artist in northern Shanghai, will present the most wonderful lanterns he has ever created with his team for the coming Lantern Festival.
Art & Culture

Taking traditions to tomorrow: the art of Kunqu Opera

Kunqu Opera is an ancient type of Chinese opera, one of the oldest still in existence today. Performing the art requires skilled emphasis on rhythm and articulation.

A selfless Spring Festival: four ordinary people who gave up their holidays

Chinese New Year is a time of togetherness, food, family and new memories. But not for everyone...