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Stewed, grilled or barbequed, crayfish always passes test

Crayfish is popular with many Chinese. There are several different ways to enjoy the delicious dish and the choice where 13 spices are added to the pot is the most popular.

Discovering the eight treasures of a famous Shanghai treat

People in Shanghai will swarm to a bowl of eight treasure rice which, for them, signifies reunion.

6-month-old panda cubs get names

A pair of six-month-old giant pandas born at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park were named Xue Bao and Qian Jin.

Zangzangbao: a taste of chocolate heaven

Zangzangbao, a kind of chocolate-covered croissant, is one of the most popular desserts in Shanghai. This time, we selected and tasted five zangzangbao. Which one is worth trying?

Robots at your service in Shanghai's Xuhui District

Robots have been employed at the administrative service center of Xuhui District to guide procedures, further accelerating the paperwork process.

Green cars popular in Shanghai, but concerns still exist

Shanghai is one of the leading cities promoting electric vehicles in China. Shanghai Daily recently hit the streets to find out people's views on "green" vehicles. 

A high-flying job, a dream come true

After designing scaffold for aircraft assembly lines for 18 months, Le Yafei applied for a training program that was to select the first group of test flight engineers.

New Year hopes and dreams on the streets of Shanghai

Altogether 22 passengers in Shanghai have told SHINE their wish and dreams for the coming Chinese New Year in the past few days.
Art & Culture

Tapestry of time: weaving past and future

Woolen needlepoint tapestry is a kind of embroidery using colored wool to create patterns and designs in linen. Master Xu Fengying has been making this art for almost 58 years...
Art & Culture

Shanghai Daily's foreign crew teach us some lucky Chinese terms

Seven foreign experts from Shanghai Daily have shared their wishes and dreams for the coming Chinese New Year, and taught us some lucky words.