AI Doctor to solve 'unbalanced medical resource distribution'

Zhu Shenshen
Shanghai's Ping An Good Doctor is the world's most advanced health care AI tech, Softbank's CEO said.
Zhu Shenshen

Ping An Good Doctor, which raised US$1.1 billion in a Hong Kong IPO in May, aims to establish a one-stop health care eco-system using artificial intelligence (AI), the Shanghai-based company said on Friday.

The company aims to solve the problems of patients “waiting three hours for doctor consultations that only last three minutes,” Wang Tao, Ping An Good Doctor’s chairman and chief executive said.

Its AI Doctor can solve the problem of unbalanced medical resource distribution in China, Wang told the Softbank World 2018 Conference, participated in by tech giants like Didi Chuxing, and Zhongan Insurance.

In 2017, Softbank Group invested US$400 million in Ping An Good Doctor. Masayoshi Son, CEO of the group, called it "the world’s most advanced AI health care technology”.

AI Doctor features interactive guides to describe symptoms, a structured medical record, a smart diagnosis plan based on big data analysis, and a smart prescription service after the doctor’s consultation and diagnosis.

At present, Ping An Good Doctor has established a nationwide network of health care services, including 40,000 external doctors, more than 3,000 hospitals, over 2,000 health service organizations and over 10,000 offline pharmacies. It now offers “one-hour drug delivery” services in dozens of cities throughout China.

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