Vivo releases new operating system for high-end market

Zhu Shenshen
It will compete with Apple with iOS system and Huawei with HarmonyOS.
Zhu Shenshen

Vivo, a leader in the Chinese smartphone market, released its own operating system OriginOS Ocean on Friday, with features such as direct access to applications, artificial intelligence functions and enhanced privacy protection.

Vivo is another major Android model vendor to design its own operating system, which helps it compete with Apple with iOS system and Huawei with HarmonyOS in the high-end markets.

The operating system allows owners access to various applications through lock screens directly. It provides easy ways to digital entertainment services and AI-featured fitness services, and has enhanced "lockers" for privacy protection.

"It's simple, reliable and impressive," said Vivo Vice President Yang Jian.

The OriginOS Ocean will be available to some existing models and all new models of Vivo, which has more than 400 million users globally.

In the third quarter, Vivo took 23 percent market shares in the domestic market, followed by Oppo and Xiaomi, according to researcher Counterpoint.

The high-end Android market has seen fiercer competition in China when Huawei was phased out from the top position, analysts said.

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