Huawei Cloud will support Chinese firms in their European expansion plans

Zhu Shenshen
Huawei Cloud wants to improve collaboration with Chinese brands and software partners who plan to expand in Europe, a major overseas destination.
Zhu Shenshen

Huawei Cloud announced plans to improve cooperation and communication with Chinese brands and software partners with an eye on Europe, a key destination for domestic firms.

Huawei will work with 100 software partners under the "Double 100" initiative to help 100 Chinese companies grow in Europe. Huawei said at the Go Global, Go Cloud conference in Shanghai that the offer includes free cloud product trial use for one year, new client coupons, training, and business diagnostics.

Huawei Cloud has seven cloud centers in Europe and a public cloud data center in Turkey, offering 110 fast-loading cloud services. Huawei Cloud's president of Europe, Tao Min, said "stable, reliable, and sustainable cloud services" assist organizations in speeding digital transformation.

Huawei has been operating in Europe for 24 years, Tao said.

Cloud demand is rising in new energy, car, fin-tech, game, media, and other industries.

Since China and the EU are the second-largest trading partners, their economic symbiosis is strong. Fang Dongkui, a board member of the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU, said that 23 percent of surveyed Chinese companies want to expand in Europe as it is an important destination for their overseas layout.

Hungary and Turkey's authorities showcased their business environments and invited Chinese enterprises to Europe at the conference.

Huawei Cloud supports business innovation and sustainable development through an ecosystem of ICT, cloud services, terminals, digital energy, and smart cars.

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