The taste of summer starts from the healing cafes in Jiading

Stop by at One Step Garden for "lakeside coffee," or osmanthus latte at Phiser Club. Or simply camp at Daily Open to evaluate each sip.
The taste of summer starts from the healing cafes in Jiading
Ti Gong

One Step Garden (Jinfu Store)

Taste mellow coffee in this quiet courtyard

One Step Garden (Jinfu store) is in Jinfu, Xiyun Building, covering around 1,320 square meters including 840 square meters' indoor area.

It is a place where you can not only drink coffee, but also taste history.

Jinfu, or Jin's mansion, was originally built by Jin Tong, who owned a silk weaving empire. It was moved from Huzhou City in neighboring Zhejiang Province to the bank of Xiyun River in Jiading District.

The main hall is magnificent, with exquisite carvings between the beams and columns, engraved with a plaque of "loyal heirs" and brick carvings of "good virtue carries good fortune."

The outdoor corridor extends in all directions, and the enclosed courtyard layout is symmetrical. Pomegranate flowers, osmanthus flowers and other famous trees are planted in the courtyard, which exudes the unique artistic conception of the Suzhou-style garden.

"Lakeside coffee" is a specialty developed by the store. Compared with ordinary latte, this coffee is sweeter, with a cool aftertaste of mint, which makes customers feel as if they are on the lakeside where the breeze blows. Hence the name "lakeside."

On the menu there is also cinnamon latte, garden roast duck pizza and garden fried filet mignon. Smell the fragrance of flowers, taste the mellow coffee, and listen to twittering birds and humming insects.

One Step Garden (Jinfu store)

Address: 56, Lane 1771, Yumin Road S., Malu Town, Jiading District

Opening hours: 10am-9pm, Monday to Sunday

The taste of summer starts from the healing cafes in Jiading
Ti Gong


A coffee shop hidden in the old street

This is a coffee shop hidden in Zhouqiao Old Street. There is a pleasant open-air courtyard in the store, with canvas chairs, tents, and green turf. Coming here is like picnicking on the grass.

Because the shopkeeper loves Tagore's "life is like summer flowers," the store is mainly colored in red and black, implying that a fresh and refined Brahma flower is unique in the mysterious field.

The coffee names in the store are also unique and creative ­­– "Shanghai 1932," "braised pork," "spring phoenix 10 miles," "take me away." Each coffee has its own unique taste and style.

For instance, this cup of "Shanghai 1932" is like an oriental woman with a story.

Siddharama cold extract shows her mystery and pride. Rose and jasmine syrup add a girlish temperament to her.

The seasoning of old Shanghai glutinous rice wine is classic. Add a touch of jasmine fragrance, like the scent of a woman.

For each coffee, the barista has made a good balance between professionalism and interest.


Address: 51 Dongxiatang Street, Jiading Town

Opening hours: 9am -5:30pm, Monday to Sunday

The taste of summer starts from the healing cafes in Jiading
Ti Gong

Daily Open

Eat exclusive steamed cake in a tent

What is it like to experience Shanghai in the summer in a tent? In Nanxiang, there is a coffee shop that combines outdoor camping elements with street corner coffee shops.

The semi-open shop is full of outdoor style. A must check-in spot for selfie addicts.

"Start your daily life with a cup of good coffee," is the motto. Daily Open uses professional coffee equipment and 100 percent Arabica coffee beans to ensure the quality of each cup of coffee.

In addition to coffee, there are fresh hand-made delicacies, such as cakes and light foods. By the way, there are also limited Nanxiang edition desserts waiting for you to find!

After 3pm, Daily Open starts its night bar mode to meet young people's needs with craft beers, wines and other hard stuff.

Daily Open

Address: No. 2, Lane 560, Zhongren Road, Nanxiang Town

Opening hours: 8am-8pm, Monday to Sunday

The taste of summer starts from the healing cafes in Jiading
Ti Gong

Phiser Country Club

A European-style country club in a sea of flowers

In Jiabei Country Park, there is a cafe called Phiser Country Club. It was previously a farmhouse, which has been rebuilt by the architects of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and hence became a European-style building.

With white as the main tone, the country club is matched with antique porcelain and silk fabrics collected by the shopkeepers from all over the world. It can be compared with magazine blockbusters of any time, and brings you comfort and solace at all times.

The coffee beans in the shop are mainly made from washed Ethiopia, Colombia and Manning.

The signature is osmanthus latte. The rich osmanthus fragrance coupled with mellow coffee leaves an endless aftertaste in the mouth.

You may also order a cup of affogado, scoop a spoonful of ice cream and put it in a transparent glass, and then pour a cup of espresso rich in foam.
In addition to selling coffee drinks, Phiser also provides Chinese and British afternoon tea customized services. Canola flowers in spring, sunflowers in summer, sunset in autumn, and fireplace in winter.

Sitting outdoors, you can savor the four seasons over a delicious afternoon tea.

The store also provides fishing, kayaking, archery, barbecue, bonfire party and other services.

Phiser Country Club

Address: Near Baima Bridge, Jiabei Country Park

Opening hours: 9am-6pm, Monday to Sunday

Booking number: 18123901347

The taste of summer starts from the healing cafes in Jiading
Ti Gong


Keep in a good mood

MADDOG is in Anting Auto City community. The decoration of the shop is simply white.

Rikki, the shopkeeper, explains that MADDOG means "who is angry goes crazy." She hopes that every customer entering the store shall leave in a good mood.

You can sit by the window, enjoy the wonderful scenery through the French window, taste a delicious coffee and enjoy a long day of silence.

The signature of this shop is the unique flavor of salted egg yolk, Ethiopia SOE latte.

The aroma of salted egg yolk does not cover up the aroma of coffee itself. It is soft and smooth, with a slight sweet fruity aftertaste. Recently, the store purchased a batch of Mozart coffee beans.

These newly launched coffee beans are treated with raisin honey, which is very suitable for making coffee by hand. It is worth a try.

Rikki used to be a designer. She made the illustrations on the walls and designed posters, clay mirrors, and souvenirs for the store herself.
Feel interested? Just come and find out!


Address: No. 312, Lane 212, Jinmingdu Road, Anting Town

Opening hours: 9am-9pm, Monday to Sunday

The taste of summer starts from the healing cafes in Jiading
Ti Gong

M Seed Coffee

Get your daily limit

M Seed Coffee practices the concept of "from a seed to a cup of coffee." M stands for mind, which means thinking. Seed implies that it aims to present every cup of coffee with heart.

The ice latte with sweet fermented rice, coconut and syrup is one of the signatures of the store, with a unique intoxicating taste.

What's more surprising is that the mood labels on the straw, such as "private customization," "keep loving" and "sunny weather is suitable for collecting happiness," which reveals the store's ingenuity.

There is a reading corner in the store, too, where you can sit down and read your favorite books. You can also leave your books on the bookshelf, so that others may borrow and read them.

M Seed Coffee

Address: No. 360, Lane 1555, Jinshajiang Road, Jiangqiao Town

Opening hours: 8:30am-6pm, Monday to Saturday

The taste of summer starts from the healing cafes in Jiading
Ti Gong

Roasted Bun Café

No buns here!

Roasted Bun Café does not sell buns, but there is coffee. This shop is located in a Chinese-style courtyard at 600 Changxu Road. The shop has not only upper and lower floors, but also an open space, as if it were a paradise.

If you are lucky, you will see the two pet dogs whose images are on the coffee mugs here. One is called Co Co, and the other is Piglet. They are very friendly.

Their models are also placed in the shop, like two beckoning signs.

Roasted Bun Café

Address: 600 Changxu Road, Juyuan New Area, Jiading District

Opening hours: 10am-6pm, Monday to Sunday

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