'Last mile' services a boost for village life

Li Xinran
Jiading has an increasing number of services available to villagers near their homes as part of the "last mile services" policy.
Li Xinran

Jiading has an increasing number of services available to villagers near their homes as part of the "last mile services" policy, encouraging communities to make life more convenient.

Neighborhood center

The Xinlian Community's neighborhood center in Jiading New Town is now open to provide people with cultural activities and convenient services.

Residents can read books, exercise, watch movies, perform on stage and learn handicrafts at the center.

More than 20 volunteers are also offering courses in yoga, calligraphy, tea and other activities.

"Every month's course schedule will be announced in advance. We can book our favorite courses according to our own time, which is very convenient," said Xinlian resident Wang Huilan.

"In addition to the volunteers' courses, the community also invites professional teachers to teach lessons, such as Chinese dance, opera and so on. Now everyone's life is much more enriched." Wang said.

In the next stage, the center will offer more popular courses, and the arrangement of courses will be more convenient.

"We will rationally gather and allocate high-quality resources and a 'last mile' service and work with the residents to build a beautiful home with warmth," said Zhu Jing, head of the center.

'Last mile' services a boost for village life
'Last mile' services a boost for village life
Zhang Sichun / Ti Gong

Women residents take part in yoga and arts and crafts classes offered by the neighborhood center in the Xinlian Community which was opened last month and is gaining favor with local people because of its range of activities. 

Security risks removed

There are more than 20 enterprises in Xianlong Village in the Jiading Industrial Zone, including more than 10 enterprises in the industrial park sitting along Huocheng Road.

Enterprises raised fire safety concerns during a visit by Xu Zhengfeng, the village's Party secretary.

The village has now laid water pipes along Huocheng Road to solve the potential safety problems.

The village is also working with several large enterprises to improve safety awareness and emergency response capabilities by holding joint fire drills with smaller enterprises.

Due to the low-lying terrain along Huocheng Road, the road surface will accumulate water during flood season. And as a result, a new pumping station has been built.

'Last mile' services a boost for village life
Zhang Sichun / Ti Gong

A fire hydrant has been set up on Huocheng Road.

Bright and beautifu

lAs night falls, street lamps light up Xiaomiao Village in Xuhang Town. The village's street lamp installation work has been completed.

All the street lamps in the village are now charged by the sun with no need for any extra wiring.

The power stored by solar panels over the course of a day can provide lighting for a week.

During construction, only a cement base was built and fixed with stainless steel screws, making installation easier and environmentally-friendly and saving more energy.

'Last mile' services a boost for village life
Zhang Sichun / Ti Gong

Workers upgrade a street lamp to a solar rechargeable one in Xiaomiao Village in Xuhang Town.

Elderly care at doorstep

Last month, Yongle Village organized volunteers from the center to provide senior residents with "last mile" services, such as haircuts, blood pressure checks, scissors sharpening, umbrella repairs and legal and psychological consultation.

"Yongle Village is in the northwest of Nanxiang Town and lacks commercial services," said Zhu Wenyan, the Party secretary of the village.

In order to meet the living needs of the elderly, the village has built a new pattern of "day care + activity room" for the elderly based on its day care center.

"We deliver services to the doorsteps of senior villagers, from everyday care and spiritual comfort to physical health and social interaction to improve their quality of life," said Zhu.

Residents over 60 are qualified for the service.

"Our day care is mainly composed of professional service teams such as social workers, psychological counselors, medical rehabilitation experts and volunteers," said Gu Cong, head of the center.

"Considering that most of the elderly in rural regions have no children living around them, our day care center is equipped with professional nurses and rehabilitation specialists to provide weekly rehabilitation physiotherapy and health consultations to help the elderly live in comfort," Gu said.

'Last mile' services a boost for village life
Bu Yu / Ti Gong

A volunteer cuts a resident's hair in Yongle Village as one of the "last mile" services. 

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