'Chase your dreams and stand firm in your convictions'

Tan Weiyun
The message was simple: "I'm worth it." Women of all ages attested to this life-affirming mantra as they narrated their success stories at a gathering by the Huangpu River.
Tan Weiyun
'Chase your dreams and stand firm in your convictions'

Actresses Wu Yanshu (left) and Tang Yan

An event along the glittering banks of the Huangpu River brought together exceptional women from various sectors to celebrate the inspiring message, "I'm worth it."
Tang Yan, the L'Oréal Paris brand ambassador and well-known Shanghai actress, was at the heart of the event. She is known for her role as Miss Wang in the TV drama "Blossoms Shanghai."
"Always maintain a composed mindset, embrace challenges, and do not shy away from difficulties," the acclaimed actress told the gathering. "At every stage of life, make thoughtful decisions and stand firm in your convictions. Go all out for what you believe is 'worth it.'"

Her advice to women was straightforward: "Be your own port" and anchor yourself with your own power, echoing her famous lines from "Blossoms Shanghai."

'Chase your dreams and stand firm in your convictions'

Professor Li Yinhe (left)

Professor Li Yinhe, a renowned sociologist and pioneer in sexual studies and women's enlightenment in China, currently enjoys a peaceful daily routine of walking and relaxing with books and flicks in the evenings.

Professor Li gave her thoughts on living a fulfilling life, highlighting the significance of personal choice.

"The richness and beauty of life are mostly determined by your choices. You should choose activities worth engaging in, people worth meeting, things to enjoy, and ways to spend your time that are consistent with your values," she advised.

"I encourage young people to pursue what they truly want, choose a life that feels worthwhile, and become the person they aspire to be."

She describes her philosophy as "honey gathering."

"Like a bee, my life revolves around gathering nectar," she explained. "I fly among flowers, extracting only the best essences, whether in the material, spiritual, or emotional realms. I seek only the most beautiful, comfortable, poetic, and suitable aspects of life. That is the essence of my existence."

'Chase your dreams and stand firm in your convictions'

Livestream host Zhu Wangwang

Livestream host Zhu Wangwang detailed her journey from studying animation in college to pioneering in the fast-paced world of e-commerce, a field that drew her due to its fast pace and youthful energy.

"I realize how brave I was to seek opportunities and venture into the unknown," Zhu said. "To me, courage is more important than capability."

Her career path to becoming the voice and face in front of over 10 million nightly viewers began in the most humble of places: an intern's desk in a bustling office. Zhu meticulously documented every detail she could about the products she was responsible for promoting daily.

Her perseverance got her the first chance to shine on air.

"Opportunities don't just appear; you have to fight for them," Zhu claimed. "I'm an ordinary girl, but I believe each girl has a spark, and with a bit of courage and seizing those rare chances, anyone can step into the spotlight of their own life's story."

Other prominent participants who spoke at the event included Zhan Qingyun, a debater and lawyer; Zhou Yijun, a journalist, filmmaker, and writer; dancing artist Zhang Yashu; and Wu Yanshu, an 86-year-old actress.

"No matter what age, one should boldly embrace the infinite possibilities of life," Wu remarked.

'Chase your dreams and stand firm in your convictions'

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