Watchdog reveals illegal sales practices

Hu Min
City's market watchdog campaign monitoring the November 11 sales extravaganza finds evidence of illegal advertisements, expired products and false claims.
Hu Min

A campaign monitoring the November 11 sales spree found more than 160 cases of suspect practices such as fake promotions and illegal advertisements, the city’s market watchdog said on Wednesday night.

About 69.5 million products sold by e-commerce platforms were targeted in the campaign between October 22 and November 12, covering items most complained about, such as home appliances, health products, clothing and cosmetics, according to the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation.

Over 71 percent of cases were related to illegal advertisements, it said, while almost 22 percent were problems with registration certificates. 

The operator of an online shop selling water purifiers claimed that the long-term intake of contaminated water was to blame for diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and cerebral thrombosis, claims that violated China's advertisement law, the administration said.

A carotene capsule sold online was found to have expired in 2017, it said. 

Other violations were related to unfair competition.

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