Shanghai revises rules on electric bicycles

Wei Lihua Wang Yanlin
Urban management authorities ban bringing e-bikes and batteries indoors or on elevators with fines of up to 500 yuan for people who ignore the rule which takes effect on June 1.
Wei Lihua Wang Yanlin

Bringing electric bicycles and their batteries indoors or carrying them on elevators will be strictly forbidden when the revised e-bike rule takes effect in Shanghai on June 1.

Failure to comply will result in fines between 200 yuan (US$27) and 500 yuan by the city's urban management authorities.

There will also be measures to strengthen the management of e-bikes, such as a prohibition on parking or placing e-bikes in buildings' communal areas such as ground-floor lobbies and shared walkways.

Individuals will face a fine of between 50 and 200 yuan for charging their e-bikes using unauthorized wires and outlets.

Shanghai revises rules on electric bicycles
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

An official inspects e-bike parking area at a residential complex in Huangpu District in April.

Property managers will report offenders to the law enforcement department.

People who engage in commercial activities related to the assembly, addition, or modification of e-bikes will be held legally responsible.

The rules now mandate enhanced safety protocols for the transport of e-bikes via ferries, requiring operators to adhere to strict safety guidelines and inspection procedures.

In addition, the construction of charging facilities will be advanced.

The rules stipulate that district governments should intensify their investment in the construction of parking facilities and charging infrastructure for e-bikes in residential areas.

As Shanghai moves forward with the implementation of these revised regulations, the city reaffirms its commitment to prioritizing public safety and underscores the importance of proactive measures in mitigating risks associated with the increasing popularity of electric bicycles.

With a focus on preventive strategies and community engagement, Shanghai aims to foster a safer urban environment for its residents while promoting sustainable modes of transportation.

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