Swatch dials into Winter Games with newproducts, designs

Tan Weiyun
Three new watches and seven Swatch X You designs target both seasoned sports pros and fashionistas more interested in the après-ski scene.
Tan Weiyun

Swatch has launched three new watches and seven Swatch X You digital designs ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics in February.

The products are designed to appeal to both seasoned pros and those more interested in the après-ski scene.

The patterns on the Winter Olympics-themed watches pay homage to the rolling mountain setting echoed in official emblems, alongside traditional and modern elements of Chinese culture, Taoism and the vitality of winter sports.

The "Charm of Calligraphy" model in red and yellow depicts awe-inspiring northern China mountain views and the Great Wall, bringing passion and youth to the wrist. The 34mm case, glass and buckle are made from Bioceramic, a mix of ceramic and bio-sourced plastic newly developed by Swatch to be both resilient and resistant with a silk-like touch.

The "Red Rivers and Mountains" model celebrates the Taoism ideology of harmony between man and nature with a striking all-over print pattern on the transparent and red silicone watch strap. The "Chinese Winter Scenery" model features blue tones to represent dreams, the future and the purity of ice and snow.

As the roars of the Chinese Year of the Tiger get louder, Swatch has launched a special new year edition from its Big Bold collection. The gold-toned dial with tiger head graphic symbolizes prosperity, while the red, featured on the stopper, loops and hands, is associated with joy, luck, vitality and happiness.

The black of the bio-sourced strap and Bioceramic case and bezel represents immortality, knowledge and power. The case measures 47mm and provides plenty of room for the striking and shiny tiger head graphic, created using a metalized microstructure 3D printing technique.

The New Year is a perfect time to let go of anything holding us back, cut out the noise, tune out any distractions, wipe the slate clean, get clear on what the future holds and make new year's resolutions. Swatch has therefore launched its Clear collection featuring design simplicity and returning to basics with a minimalist palette offset by the signature splash of primary-colored hands.

Measuring 47mm, the Clearly Bold transparent case houses a clear dial with silver-colored ring, black printed indexes and colored hands. The Clearly Gent and Clearly New Gent are clear on responsibility with the glass and cases (34mm and 41mm) made from bio-sourced material. The shiny finish on the case, bracelet and buckle catch the light and the eye for such a see-through design.

Swatch dials into Winter Games with newproducts, designs

The Swatch Beijing 2022 Collection

Swatch dials into Winter Games with newproducts, designs

Swatch's Chinese New Year Special.

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