Cooler weather set to see off those hot summery days

Zhu Yuting
Temperatures to start dropping in time for back to work, forecasters say
Zhu Yuting

Shanghai's summery days are expected to cool down by end of the weeklong national holiday, according to weather authorities.

The city's temperature highs are forecast to drop to 28 degrees Celsius from Sunday, with a low of around 23 degrees.

In addition, the highs on Monday will keep dropping to 25 degrees, said the city's weather center.

Thundershowers are likely to hit some areas of Shanghai from Thursday, and will continue through the next 10 days.

The weather on the first workday after the holiday – which will also mark the beginning of this year's 17th solar term, hanlu, or cold dew, in the Chinese traditional calendar – is likely to be cloudy with showers in some regions and with temperatures expected to range between 30 and 24 degrees.

Hanlu always indicates falling temperatures, especially in mornings and nights, but the around-30-degree highs are likely to remain for three days, according to forecasters.

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