Something for everyone in this round-up of Spring Festival events in 16 districts

Yang Jian Hu Min Yang Meiping Li Xinran Li Qian
Shanghai celebrates the Year of the Dragon in style with a multitude of events to cater for every taste and every age group looking to enjoy traditional Chinese culture.
Yang Jian Hu Min Yang Meiping Li Xinran Li Qian

Shanghai celebrates the Year of the Dragon in style with a multitude of events to cater for every taste and every age group looking to enjoy traditional Chinese culture.

Something for everyone in this round-up of Spring Festival events in 16 districts
Ti Gong

The food bazaar brings together more than 100 popular Spring Festival delicacies from across the country at the Hall of the Sun.


Event: Life Shines at Gala Time

Date: Through February 25

Venue: 5th floor, The Hall of the Sun 太阳宫

Address: 181 Ruihong Road, Hongkou District

Features: "Life Shines at Gala Time" will focus on the themes of feast and traditional Chinese culture at the Hall of the Sun, Ruihong Tiandi, every weekend through to the end of February.

A highlight will be a food bazaar at the newly unveiled Sun Market on the 5th floor of the mall that brings together more than 100 popular Spring Festival delicacies, including ingredients from Michelin-starred restaurants, Shanghai agricultural gold award products and regional specialties from across the country through February 4.

They range from some UN-designated categories of intangible cultural heritage food, Chinese New Year cakes, nuts, fresh fruits, to beverages, with weekly selections of different themes.

Something for everyone in this round-up of Spring Festival events in 16 districts
Ti Gong

Traditional lion dances at the newly unveiled Chinese New Year bazaar at the Century Plaza.

Event: "Dragon Brings Fortune" Market

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Century Plaza, Nanjing Road E. 南京路世纪广场

Address: 587 Nanjing Rd E., Huangpu District

Features: A "Dragon Gate" at 558 Nanjing Rd E. invites visitors into a market which spans more than 2,000 square meters. It features more than 80 vendors, including newly launched products, Internet-famous delicacies, imports from the China International Import Expo (CIIE) and traditional brands from the Yangtze River Delta region.

On offer are a variety of experiences such as popular snacks, handicrafts, cultural products, dragon and lion dances, musical performances, and greetings from the Chinese God of Fortune. At the CIIE section, global products such as New Zealand honey yogurt, Nepalese cashmere scarves, Syrian rose oil, Thai aromatherapy and Pakistani camel leather lamps are on display.

Event: Shopping in Pudong

Venues: IFC 国金中心 – Taikoo Li Qiantan 前滩太古里 – MIFA 1862船厂1862 – L+ Mall 陆家嘴中心 – Bicester Shanghai Village 比斯特购物村 – Florentia Village 佛罗伦萨小镇

Features: The route is designed for people to enjoy global fashion in Pudong. Some of the area's most iconic shopping destinations are included, such as IFC, known as synonym of luxury; Bicester Shanghai Village, an outlet shopping destination that is close to Shanghai Disneyland; and MIFA 1862, an artsy commercial space that Japanese architect Kengo Kuma had renovated from an over 150-year-old shipyard.

Something for everyone in this round-up of Spring Festival events in 16 districts
Dong Jun / SHINE

The Tian An 1000 Trees mall

Event: Dragon Hunt at Tian An 1000 Trees

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Tian An 1000 Trees 大洋晶典·天安千树

Address: 600 Moganshan Road, Putuo District

Features: Customers are invited to join in a "Hunt for Dragon Eggs" activity, which encourages interaction with intangible cultural heritage (ICH) inheritors. During the Lantern Festival period, a three-day ICH market event will be held at the mall from 10am to 6pm. The market will feature about 10 inheritors of ICH projects, who will display "dragon"-themed ICH works and cultural and creative products. The event focuses on the local ICH project "Hand-Painted Easter Eggs."

Event: Zhonghuan New Year Goods Festival

Date: Through February 9

Venue: Bailian Zhonghuan shopping mall 百联中环购物广场

Address: 1288 Zhenguang Road, Putuo District

Features: The mall collaborates with various food tenants to organize a New Year goods cart market in the plaza's center square, providing an array of goods for customers to prepare for the Spring Festival.

Event: 2024 Raffles Dragon Year Market

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Changning Raffles 长宁来福士

Address: 1139 Changning Road, Changning District

Features: Shopping coupons will be available to customers. They include 100-yuan (US$14) coupons priced at 79 yuan, 500-yuan coupons priced at 470 yuan, and 2,000-yuan coupons priced at 1,888 yuan.

Event: Shopping Promotions and Gifts

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Hongqiao The Place 虹桥南丰城

Address: 100 Zunyi Road, Changning District

Features: Various shopping rewards and traditional craft experiences based on purchase amounts will be offered, including gifts such as a limited-edition set of red envelopes, salt-baked pistachios from the Ole' Premium Supermarket, and selected imported wine. Customers spending a minimum of 188 yuan in a single transaction will be entitled to a complimentary experience of traditional Chinese New Year folk crafts, such as dough modeling, sugar painting, dragon and phoenix stickers and fan painting.

Event: Spring Festival Food Bazaar

Date: Through February 26

Venue: Hongkou Plaza 凯德龙之梦

Address: 388 Xijiangwan Road

Features: A market filled with traditional, festive and folklore elements has been unveiled at the mall, featuring activities such as dough figurine making, paper cutting, and shadow puppetry.

Event: Chongming Gifts Online Shopping Promotion

Features: The flagship store of Chongming Gifts has launched a New Year gift box and a New Year shopping season, covering products from different fields of Chongming's "primary, secondary, and tertiary industries." It combines online and offline channels to provide customers with a "one-stop shopping experience" in Chongming.

Event: B&C ✖ Valentino

Date: Through February 26

Venue: B&C Shanghai flagship store B&C 黄油与面包上海旗舰店

Address: 289 Wujiang Rd., Jing'an District

Features: Instagrammable bakery Butterful & Creamorous (B&C) has teamed up with luxury fashion house Valentino's beauty division to convert its Shanghai flagship store into a pop-up display of brand collaboration. The storefront and packages have taken on Valentino Beauty's new year color of warm orange and its "V" logo.

Event: ACG carnival

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Jing'an Joy City 静安大悦城

Address: 166 Xizang Rd N., Jing'an District

Features: Indulge and celebrate the new year at Jing'an Joy City with a monthlong ACG (Animation, Comic, Game) carnival. The "Gogo! Goods" pop-up store, open from January 19 to February 18 features a wide range of peripheral products of "One Piece," "Dragon Ball," "Sailor Moon," "Pokémon," "Sanrio" and more popular anime IPs.

There are also pop-up exhibitions of "Hatsune Miku," "Blue Lock" and "In the Night Garden," with classic scenes reproduced and interactive experiences on offer.

Event: Flower and Beer

Date: Through March 29

Venue: HKRI Taikoo Hui 兴业太古汇

Address: 789 Nanjing Rd. W, Jing'an District

Features: Toast the Chinese New Year at the HKRI Taikoo Hui. The Uncommon Floral Market will be open from February 2 to 4, and February 10 to 14. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Suntory, a Hibiki-themed pop-up store has opened, with various Japanese-made not-for-sale liquors on offer for tasting. It will run through March 29.

Something for everyone in this round-up of Spring Festival events in 16 districts
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Yuyuan Garden Lantern Fair

Folk Culture:

Event: Yuyuan Garden Lantern Fair

Date: Through February 29

Venue: Yuyuan Garden Malls 豫园商城

Address: 265 Fangbang Rd M., Huangpu District

Admission: Free (except February 10 to 25), 50 yuan for adults and 30 yuan for children

Features: The fair continues the theme of "Mountain and Sea," with a focus on the "Sea Chapter," highlighting dragons and mythical creatures from the "Classic of Mountains and Seas" for the approaching Year of the Dragon.

The 40-day event features a blend of traditional Chinese New Year flavors and the mysteries of the seas. Four main entrances and five major scenes at the fair present a surreal world where the zodiac dragon intermingles with marine flora and fauna. Visitors enter through the four main gates, guarded by dragon gods, leading to an underwater world. Each gate extends New Year wishes and good fortune to the public. The iconic Zigzag Bridge leads to a deep-sea world, where fish and dragons interact and create a charming atmosphere. The bridge itself features a dragon horse installation surrounded by leaping fish, pearls and corals, which symbolize prosperity and happiness.

Something for everyone in this round-up of Spring Festival events in 16 districts
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE
Something for everyone in this round-up of Spring Festival events in 16 districts
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

The iconic Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Pudong has been decked up for the new year. A pop-up fair with various products and experiences has opened at its outdoor square.

Event: Chinese New Year Market

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Oriental Pearl TV Tower 东方明珠城市广场

Address: 1 Century Ave, the Pudong New Area

Feature: A pop-up fair with various products and experiences has opened at the tower's outdoor square. Taste traditional festive food such as niangao, or rice cakes, and heritage-listed snacks such as xiasha shaomai, a steamed dumpling from Pudong's Xiasha Town.

Event: Dragon Ascends Trend Alley

Date: Through March 17

Venue: The INLET 今潮8弄

Address: 989 Sichuan Road N., Hongkou District

Features: A space art exhibition and lantern fair will be held amid the preserved historical lane-style residences. It allows visitors to explore the fading Chinese New Year atmosphere and the Chinese cultural totem "dragon." Nine creative professionals are invited to express traditional culture and contemporary imagination of dragons through their artworks. An AR (augmented reality) interactive game "Hunt the Dragon in the Alley" will also be held.

During the Lantern Festival, a gathering of both Chinese and international cuisines will offer an array of traditional foods. The event features a mix of traditional culinary arts, including authentic dishes such as tangyuan (sweet rice balls) and dagao (rice cakes), as well as a variety of international food.

Event: Traditional celebrations in ancient town

Date: February 10 to 24

Venue: Fengjing Ancient Town 枫泾古镇

Address: No. 28, 8588 Tingfeng Road, Jinshan District

Features: The ancient water town of Fengjing will hold various folk activities to celebrate Chinese New Year. There will be light shows in the town center at Sanqiao Square between February 10 and 19. At the town's ancient stage, traditional operas, dances and other performances will be held between February 10 and 15.

Something for everyone in this round-up of Spring Festival events in 16 districts
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Sinan Mansions

Event: 2024 Sinan New Year Season

Date: Through February 13

Venue: Sinan Mansions 思南公馆

Address: 51 Sinan Road, Huangpu District

Features: Citizens and tourists are invited to celebrate the Chinese New Year at Sinan Mansions on February 10 with dragon and lion dance activities, symbolizing peace and joy for the Year of the Dragon. A traditional event will be held on February 13 to welcome the God of Wealth.

Something for everyone in this round-up of Spring Festival events in 16 districts
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

A dragon dance along Sujiatun Road during Yangpu's Lantern Festival Street Fair

Event: 2024 Yangpu Lantern Street Fair

Date: February 24

Venues: Sujiatun Road, Fushun Road 苏家屯路抚顺路

Features: Downtown residents, including expats, are invited to attend the traditional celebration of the Lantern Festival featuring lantern shows and cultural heritage.

More than a dozen local heritage skills will be on display along a pedestrian street in the Siping community, one of the city's worker's communities that was established in the 1950s. They include district and city-level listed skills, such as cloth painting, paper cutting and lantern making, as well as national-level heritage, including the delicate jewellery making of Lao Feng Xiang and ink-stick making of Cao Sugong.

Visitors, including many overseas students from the nearby Tongji University, will be invited to take part in folk activities such as lantern making, guessing riddles and Spring Festival couplet writing.

Event: 15th International Children's Zodiac Painting Exhibition

Date: Through March 3

Venue: Shanghai Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum 上海虹桥当代艺术馆

Address: 650 Xianxia Road, Changning District

Features: The exhibition, themed "roaring dragons are coming," showcases a diverse array of dragon-themed artworks created by children from various countries.

They include dynamic ink paintings, colorful oil on paper, visually striking prints, and vivid sculptures, all centered on the dragon theme.

This year's exhibition aims to deepen children's understanding of the zodiac's connotations and significance. The artworks, reflecting the zodiac's "origin," "evolution," "derivation," and cultural customs, demonstrate the young artists' imaginative and creative interpretations of zodiac culture.

A record-breaking 541 pieces were selected for the exhibition, including 130 award-winning works, out of submissions in various forms like paintings, digital art, sculptures and intangible cultural heritage pieces.

Event: Lantern-raising Ceremony and Traditional Chinese Opera Performances

Date: February 22 and 24

Venue: Changning ICH Protection Center 长宁非遗保护中心

Address: 95 Beiyu Road, Changning District

Features: An ancient lantern-raising ceremony in Xingjing, accompanied by dragon and lion dances, symbolizing hopes for a prosperous life. An opera evening will be held, featuring performances by winning teams from competition shows, offering the public a chance to experience the charm of the traditional opera culture.

Event: ICH Traditional Culture Bonanza

Date: Through March

Venue: Xuhui District New Era Civilization Practice Centers and various neighborhood centers


Features: Over a dozen cultural activities will be held across neighborhoods in Xuhui, including flower arranging, pulp painting, tie-dye, paper frame painting and ancient papermaking, as well as making New Year dragon lanterns and dough figurines.

Event: Celebrate Chinese New Year in the Fragrance of Books

Date: February 23 and 24

Venue: Zikawei Library 徐家汇书院

Address: 158 Caoxi Road N., Xuhui District

Features: Activities centered around traditional culture, reading, and aesthetic education will be held at the library, including lantern riddle guessing, themed picture books, poetry reading, and traditional game experiences.

Event: Folk Paper-cutting for the Year of the Dragon

Date: February 15 (2pm-4pm)

Venue: The Former Residence of Xia Yan 夏衍故居

Address: 178 Wulumuqi Road S., Xuhui District

Features: Participants can use red paper to cut out lifelike dragons, symbolizing good fortune and longevity, while experiencing the charm of traditional culture.

Event: Abundance of Good Fortune

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Jing'an Kerry Center 静安嘉里中心

Address: 1515 Nanjing Rd. W, Jing'an District

Features: A series of traditional Chinese New Year activities has begun at the Jing'an Kerry Center to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Under the theme of "abundance of good fortune," the atrium of the mall is decorated as a giant gift box, embellished with installations and ornaments in the style of traditional Chinese lucky items such as peanuts, persimmons and gold coins.

Alongside is a red wall of blessings where people can follow the tradition to draw a divination stick and make a new year's wish. The wall will be there until February 25.

In addition, hongbao, red envelopes, will be sent out every weekend from January 20 to February 4, and roses will be sent on Valentine's Day on February 14.

Event: Loong Long Luck

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Shanghai Suhewan MIXC World 上海苏河湾万象天地

Address: 100 Fujian Rd. N, Jing'an District

Features: Shanghai Suhewan MIXC World has partnered with Columbia Pictures, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in January, to launch a "Loong Long Luck" temple fair.

Giant pink dragon installations have been erected in narrow alleyways in Shenyuli, a large shikumen neighborhood and historical site of the commercial complex. There's also a 20-meter-high Arctic fox art installation, designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.

Various folk activities will be held around the other historical site – Tianhou Palace – once the city's largest temple to Mazu (the goddess of the sea) in the late 19th century.

Event: Xinzhuang Lantern Show

Date: February 6 to 26

Venues: Chunshen Lake Square 莘庄商务区春申湖广场 (major venue), Skymall 仲盛世界商城; Incity 维璟印象城 ; CapitaLand Minhang Plaza 凯德闵行商业中心

Features: It will be the 16th year for Xinzhuang Town to organize the lantern show to enable citizens to enjoy Lantern Festival culture on their doorstep. A competition was organized in May and June to gather designs on the dragon theme, and the winning entries will be displayed.

Event: Jinjiang Amusement Park Prosperity and Happiness Lantern Night

Date: February 10 to 17, February 23 to 25

Venue: Jinjiang Amusement Park 锦江乐园

Address: 201 Hongmei Rd, Minhang District

Admission: 69-79 yuan

Features: During the Spring Festival holiday and Lantern Festival, visitors to the park can admire spectacular lanterns, enjoy festive food and watch performances, such as lion and flying apsaras dances. People can also ride the ferris wheel to overlook a park decorated in festive manner.

Event: Opera, Song and Dance at Meilong

Date: February 15

Venue: Meilong Town Culture and Sport Center 梅陇镇文体中心

Address: 108 Gaoxing Rd, Minhang District

Admission: Free

Features: Minhang's Meilong town will stage a comprehensive show integrating operas, songs and dances for residents to enjoy a lively Spring Festival atmosphere.

Event: Intangible Heritage Market

Date: February 10 to 14

Venue: Bailian Nanfang Shopping Mall 百联南方购物中心

Address: 7250 Humin Rd, Minhang District

Features: Visitors can try their hand at making sugar painting, tanghulu (sugar coated haws on a stick), candy floss, dough figurine, lanterns and traditional hair accessories.

Event: Riddle Guessing

Date: Through February 28

Venue: Confucian Temple 嘉定孔庙

Address: 183 Nanda Street, Jiading District

Features: Traditional riddle guessing and blessing activities will be held, and visitors invited to appreciate an exhibition related to the Year of the Dragon and write the character 福 (fu), symbolizing blessings and good fortune.

Event: Nanxiang Lantern Show

Date: February 8 to 25

Venue: Nanxiang Ancient Street 南翔老街

Features: The iconic Nanxiang Ancient Street will hang colorful Kongming lanterns (small hot-air paper balloons) and lanterns showing Chinese poems. It will also be spruced up with dragon-shaped landscape lanterns and Koi, or jinli, lanterns, bearing people's best wishes for the New Year.

There will be a New Year bazaar, pop-up guofeng (China-chic) performances and plum flower exhibition.

Event: Anting Paper-cut Exhibition

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Life Hub@Anting 嘉亭荟城市生活广场

Address: 1055 Moyu Rd S., Jiading District

Features: At the Life Hub@Anting shopping mall, exquisite paper-cut works by acclaimed paper-cut artist Wang Jianzhong will be showcased. The exhibits bear elements of a Chinese dragon to mark the Year of the Dragon and take the art form of cuju (an old Chinese football), encouraging a positive and upward attitude in the New Year. There will also be dragon and lion dance performances.

Event: Guyi Garden Party

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Shanghai Guyi Garden 上海古漪园

Address: 218 Huyi Highway, Jiading District

Features: A grand garden party will present a unique experience for visitors. Themed on China's 12 huashen (flower goddesses), the Jiangnan-style garden will display various colorful lanterns and showcase traditional customs related to the Spring Festival. There will be folk culture performance and intangible cultural heritage experiences.

Event: Qushui Garden Lantern Fair

Date: Through February 24

Venue: Qushui Garden 曲水园

Address: 612 Gongyuan Road, Qingpu District

Features: At Qushui Garden, one of the five classic gardens in the city, a Spring Festival lantern fair will be staged, with lotus-shaped and boat-shaped lanterns illuminating the garden when darkness falls. Hanfu (traditional Han-style clothing) lovers are invited to pose for photos at the Yingxi Pavilion.

Event: Spring Festival Bazaar and Traditional Celebration

Date: Through February 24

Venue: Qiaoziwan Square 桥梓湾广场

Address: 666 Gongyuan Road, Qingpu District

Features: A slew of traditional cultural activities will be rolled out at the square, which has been decorated with dragon-shaped lanterns.

Traditional Chinese performances featuring Huju and Yueju operas, a dragon dance parade, and Jiangzhou drum performance will present a soothing feast to the eyes and ears.

Two Spring Festival markets will take the spotlight. A number of items made with intangible cultural heritage techniques such as Jingdezhen ceramic and wood carving are featured.

Event: Donghai Yingzhou New Year Blessing First Tour Series

Date: Through February 24

Venue: Shou'an Temple 寿安寺

Address: 9 Jiangfan Road, Chongming District

Features: The first New Year's Prayer Tour in Donghai Yingzhou is a new cultural and tourism brand jointly planned and created by the Chongming District Tourism Association, Shou'an Temple Jin'ao Mountain Scenic Area, and Yuhaitang Scenic Area to create a new cultural and tourism scene for New Year's Prayer.

The event includes the ceremony for the new year and Spring Festival, the brand new temple fair market, and new tourism products and routes.

Event: Enjoying the Chongming Culture and Self-cultivation Route

Date: During the Spring Festival

Venue: Chongming Mountain Song Intangible Cultural Heritage Studio 崇明山歌非遗工作室

Address: 22, Lane 567, Anshou Road, Chenjia Town, Chongming District

Features: During New Year's Day and Spring Festival, the studio showcases display boards and various performance props of Chongming folk songs, so that everyone can have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the unique charm of Chongming folk songs.

Event: Dragon Hunting in Cultural Village

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Jiangnan Sanmin Cultural Village 江南三民文化村

Address: 2201 Linfeng Highway, Chongming District

Features: Jiangnan Sanmin Cultural Village is in the central northern part of Chongming Island. It is a national 4A level tourist attraction characterized by Jiangnan folk culture and intangible cultural heritage.

The scenic area has theme exhibition halls such as the Chinese Dragon Palace, Chongming Tubu Museum, "Ru Shi Gen Yi" Museum and Chongming Carving Board Museum.

It is a base for experiencing the charm of traditional culture and inheriting the spirit of intangible cultural heritage. On the arrival of Chinese New Year, a "Dragon Hunting in Cultural Villages" activity will be launched to search for dragon culture in cultural villages and pray for the happiness in the Year of Dragon.

Event: 2024 Shanghai Fangta Park Spring Festival

Date: February 4 to 24

Venue: Shanghai Fangta Park 上海方塔园

Address: 235 Zhongshandong Road, Songjiang District

Features: Shanghai Fangtayuan organizes festive cultural activities, engaging residents and visitors in traditional forms such as gifting lanterns for the Year of the Dragon, New Year blessings, and Lantern Festival riddle guessing. These activities aim to deepen people's understanding of and promote the rich traditional culture of China.

Event: The Magic Light Shadow Festival

Date: Through Mar 31

Venue: Shanghai Happy Valley 上海欢乐谷

Address: 888 Linhu Road, Songjiang District

Features: Highlights include lantern installations, innovative performances, NPC (Non-Player Character) interactions and dragon dance performances.

Culture and City Walk

Event: Stars Over China: The Ancient Shu Civilization of Sanxingdui and Jinsha

Date: February 2 to May 20 (10am–6pm, closed on Tuesdays, except public holidays)

Venue: Shanghai Museum East 上海博物馆东馆

Address: 1952 Century Ave, the Pudong New Area

Admission: Reservation through the museum's WeChat mini program required.

Feature: As the museum's opening exhibition, it will present 363 historical and cultural relics ancient related to the Sanxingdui and Jinsha cultures of the ancient Shu Kingdom (3100 to 316 BC) in today's Sichuan Province. It is so far the largest exhibition about ancient Shu outside Sichuan.

Something for everyone in this round-up of Spring Festival events in 16 districts

A poster of the "Stars Over China: The Ancient Shu Civilization ofSanxingdui and Jinsha" exhibition

Event: Pictures of China

Date: Through May 5 (10am-6pm, closed on Mondays, except public holidays)

Venue: China Art Museum 中华艺术宫

Address: 205 Shangnan Road, the Pudong New Area

Admission: Free

Feature: Nearly 200 works by Lin Fengmian and Wu Guanzhong are on display. It is part of a set of activities of the China-France Year of Culture and Tourism.

Event: Caravaggio. Wonders of the Italian Baroque

Date: Through April 12 (10am-9pm, closed from February 9 to 11)

Venue: Museum of Art Pudong 浦东美术馆

Address: 2777 Binjiang Ave, the Pudong New Area

Admission: Price from 130 to 280 yuan.

Feature: The first Caravaggio-themed exhibition in China, and the first collaboration between the Museum of Art Pudong and Galleria Borghese in Rome. The exhibition features six authentic works by Caravaggio and another 50-plus by more than 40 Baroque artists.

Event: Our Festival City Walk in Xuhui

Date: Through March

Venues: Normandie Apartments 武康大楼, Xuhui Art Museum 徐汇艺术馆, Pathe Villa 百代小红楼, ZIKAWEI Library 徐家汇书院, Tousewe Museum 土山湾博物馆, Shanghai Film Museum 上海电影博物馆, Longhua Square 龙华广场, Shanghai Botanical Garden 上海植物园

Features: A themed city walk route encouraging citizens to promote civilized trends. The activity, designed as a "Passport Challenge," encourages residents to visit various checkpoints and write personal reflections on self-improvement. This initiative aims to engage citizens in exploring the beauty and cultural heritage of Xuhui while on the move, offering an immersive experience in the district's rich history and traditions.

Event: Wukang Road Guided Tour

Dates: February 10 to 17 (1pm-3pm)

Venue: Wukang Road Tourism Information Center 武康路旅游咨询中心

Address: 393 Wukang Road, Xuhui District

Features: Participants can follow a guide to stroll along Wukang Road, listening to the history behind each old house. Participants can register in advance via the "xuhuilvyou" (徐汇文旅) WeChat public account. The road, one of Shanghai's historically protected roads famously known for its policy of "never widening," stands as an epitome of the city's historical charm. It is lined with garden houses nestled under the shade of plane trees. It also features over 30 former residences of cultural celebrities.

Event: New Year Pictures Street

Venue: Yunnan Road S., Huangpu District 云南南路

Features: The recent success of the TV drama "Blossoms Shanghai," set in 1990s Shanghai, has heightened interest in the Yunnan Road S. area near the Great World.

The Huangpu government has created a "New Year Picture Street," featuring traditional New Year paintings from various regional styles for public enjoyment. They include the genres from Taohuawu, Mianzhu, Baihekou, Pingyang, Xiaoxiaochang and other regions.

Event: Tour of Communist Party of China (CPC) Historical Venues in Huangpu

Date: February 10 to 13, 15 to 16

Venues: The former venue of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee 中共中央政治局机关旧址, the former editorial department of "La Jeunesse" 中国共产党发起组成立地(《新青年》编辑部)旧址, the former venue of Youxin Publishing House 又新印刷所旧址 and the former venue of the CPC Shanghai Party School 中共上海区委党校旧址

Features: After visiting, participants can take photos at various scenes of the venues, share them on social media, and receive a New Year's gift and a special stamp. Completing stamps at all four venues forms the phrase "Great Luck in the Dragon Year" and earns a metal bookmark with the venue names and designs.

Event: Half-Marathon Suzhou Creek Stamp Collection

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Along the Suzhou Creek in Putuo District 苏州河普陀段

Features: Suzhou Creek, meandering through Putuo District, offers a rich tapestry of historical venues, landmarks, old factories, and bridges. From the West Shanghai Workers' Half-Day School History Museum to the Suzhou Creek Industrial Civilization Exhibition Hall, from the former Venue of the China Central Mint to the old campus of Daxia University, and across bridges such as Baocheng and the Wuning Road Bridge.

During the event, residents and tourists walking along the creek can embark on a journey to visit these specific stamp locations. By taking photos and checking in at these venues, and subsequently getting their stamps at designated spots, participants can receive cultural and creative prizes.

Something for everyone in this round-up of Spring Festival events in 16 districts
Ti Gong

The Wisdom Bay along the Wenzaobang River in Baoshan District

Family Activities

Event: Drone Show at Cruise Terminal

Date: February 5 and 6

Venue: Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal 上海吴淞口国际邮轮港

Address: 1 Baoyang Road, Baoshan District

Features: The terminal will host a spectacular event featuring China's first domestically-built large cruise ship, the Adora Magic City, alongside the Westerdam, Blue Dream and Gulangyu. The event includes a dazzling drone show.

Event: Wisdom Bay 2024 Spring Festival Celebration

Date: February 10 to 16

Venue: Wisdom Bay 智慧湾

Address: 6 Yunchuan Road, Baoshan District

Features: The Cultural Square of the Wisdom Bay innovation park will launch an electronic music party and a projection light show, hosted on containers. A large Chinese New Year themed car trunk market will also be held. China 3D Printing Culture Museum and Wisdom Bay Art Bookstore will organize activities welcoming the God of Wealth on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year. There will be calligraphy and Spring Festival couplets, old-fashioned photo studio family portraits, intangible cultural heritage displays, and traditional folk experiences. The park will be transformed into a vibrant, illuminated city that never sleeps, enhancing the festive mood.

Something for everyone in this round-up of Spring Festival events in 16 districts
Ti Gong

Plum trees in full bloom at the Gulf Forest Park in Fengxian.

Event: 11th Shanghai Plum Blossom Festival

Date: February 10 to March 20

Venue: Gulf Forest Park 海湾森林公园

Address: 1677 Suitanghe Road, Haiwan Town, Fengxian District

Features: Some 40,000 plum trees of over 120 species will bloom during the festival. Several sightseeing routes will be designed for visitors to watch the early and late plum blossom in east China's largest plum garden, covering 1.3 square kilometers.

Within the plum forest, there will be a photo exhibition and a hanfu bazaar, as well as sports and art performances.

According to the district government, the festival is part of efforts to raise awareness about environmental protection among citizens and tourists as the district strives to become a national ecological forest city.

Event: 2024 Suzhou Creek Cruise Check-in Campaign

Date: Through February 24

Venue: Suzhou Creek cruise lines 悠游苏州河

Features: The cruise boats have been festively adorned for the Year of the Dragon. Residents and tourists can purchase tickets for any route through the "Cruise Suzhou River" WeChat mini-program. Onboard these newly decorated boats, passengers will enjoy the scenic beauty of the Suzhou Creek from a unique perspective, with multiple routes to choose from. Passengers will also have the opportunity to receive a special New Year's gift.

Event: Dragon Descendants Rally at Changfeng Ocean World

Date: Through February 29

Venue: Changfeng Ocean World 长风海洋世界

Address: Gate 4, Changfeng Park, 451 Daduhe Road, Putuo District

Features: A dragon-themed event where visitors can collect limited-edition badges by interacting with five mysterious creatures related to dragons.

Event: Seeking the Power of the Dragon at Shanghai Lego Discovery Center

Date: Through February 25

Venue: Shanghai Legoland Discovery Center 上海乐高探索中心

Address: 2nd Floor, Changfeng Joy City, 196 Daduhe Road, Putuo District

Features: A dragon-themed adventure where children complete tasks to collect stickers representing five dragon powers. The event features five mysterious creatures related to dragons, symbolizing good fortune and luck during the Dragon Year. Participants can earn a coded limited-edition dragon ball gift and a chance to unlock a special dragon year badge.

Event: Happy Dragon Gathering at Hongqiao The Place

Date: Through March 10

Venue: South Atrium, Hongqiao The Place 虹桥南丰城

Address: 100 Zunyi Road

Features: In collaboration with Shanghai Animation Film Studio, the exhibition features classic scenes from popular animations such as "The Monkey King," "Calabash Brothers" and "Ne Zha Conquers the Dragon King." Nine classic scenes from animation, ranging from the Lingxiao Hall to the Flower and Fruit Mountain, will be created to offer both domestic and international guests a unique experience. The exhibition has set up innovative and interactive entertainment specifically for families with children.

Event: Interesting Picasso Portrait Workshop

Date: February 14 to 17

Venue: West Bund Art Museum B1 Workshop 西岸美术馆

Address: 2600 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District

Features: The museum invites children to explore Pablo Picasso's Cubist world through deconstruction, reshaping, and collage, creating self-expressive "portrait masks."

Event: Minhang District Library Reading Club

Date: February 23

Venue: Minhang District Library 闵行图书馆

Address: 85 Mingdu Rd, Minhang District

Admission: Free, reservation required

Features: The library's reading club will take parents and children on a journey to traditional Chinese culture via reading cartoon books of fairy tales about dragons. It will also guide readers to explore traditional ways to celebrate the Spring Festival.

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