Authorities draft standard for children's acrylic markers

Hu Min
The local authorities respond to the trend of younger people using acrylic markers, with the aim of eliminating potential safety hazards.
Hu Min

A standard on acrylic markers for children was released on Thursday, aiming to eliminate potential safety hazards.

"More and younger people use acrylic markers these days under the background of rapid expansion of cultural and art industries, as well as the development of digital design and poster making" said Miao Hua, secretary general of Shanghai Light Industry Association, which drafted the standard along with Shanghai Consumer Council.

"However, there are some potential health hazards as the preservative used in acrylic color may contain formaldehyde which is strongly pungent to skin and eyes and even carcinogenic in excessive amounts," he said.

At present, relevant standards in China only include limits of heavy metals, according to the council.

The group standard mainly focuses on the use of acrylic colors and markers by children aged between three and 14, and include the testing methods, packaging, transport and storage of these products.

It also regulates testing for VOC (volatile organic compounds) and involves technical requirements and testing for chemical properties such as migratable elements and phthalate ester plasticizers and the physical property of small parts on such products, according to the council.

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